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What’s In the Course?
Step-by-Step Appliance Repair Videos
How to Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair Your Appliances… the Easy Way!

Appliance Repair

How to diagnose and repair all of Your Appliances around your home with these videos and tips designed to improve your do-it-yourself skills and make appliance repairs easier.

For most of us, the idea of fixing an appliance our self, causes feelings of fear and inadequacy. Understanding what your problem is from the start will help you tremendously, knowing how to diagnose & troubleshooting the problem will make you more confident that you can repair the appliance and get it right the first time.

Using the ‘Troubleshooting’ Videos & Our Technical Support will save you time & buying parts that you don’t need This alone can save you some serious money.

Top DIY Home Appliance Repairs & More…?
How to Fix Your Home Appliances in Less than 30 Minutes in Most Cases…

Appliance Repair | Dishwasher Won't Draing
DIY Appliance Repairs Made Easy…
Anyone Can Repair Home Appliances when you know how to diagnose & troubleshoot the right way. Just follow a few simple steps and you will have your appliance repaired in no time… It’s that Simple!
Washers & Dryers
Water Heaters
How to Repair a Refrigerator not Freezing & Cooling and more…
Fix a Smelly Dishwasher or Won’t Drain and more…
Repair a Washer that won’t drain or Dryer that won’t heat and more…
Fix a Water Heater… No Hot Water or Leaking Water and more…
Front Load Washers & Dryers
Microwave Ovens
Fix a Front load Washer that Won’t Spin or Dryer that Won’t Start and more…
Repair a Stove that Oven is Not Working or is Not Getting Hot and more…
Diagnose & Repair a Double Oven is giving Error Code or Not Heating to temperature and more…
Fix a Microwave that table is turning but no heat and more…
Find Everything You Need… In One Place
No Need to Search All Over the Internet to Solve Your Appliance Problems! Just Login & Find Exactly How to Repair Your Appliances All in One Place. Do it Right the First Time… Do it Yourself

Step-by-Step Videos
Anyone Can Repair their Own Home Appliances with this Course

Lifetime Support
Unlimited Liftetime 24/7 Support… We are there when YOU Need Us

Discount Parts
Where to Find the Best Prices on Parts and Save BIG!

Experience Technician
A Simple Tool that You already Have – Like Having an Experience Technician in Your Pocket!

Appliance Repair Training Course
Like Having an Experience Technician in Your Pocket
Over 40 Years of Combined Appliance Repair Experience. We show You how to repair Your Appliance as Simple & Easy as Possible. How to Repair it Right the… First Time!

The Appliance Training in this Membership is all “solid meat” step-by-step exactly how to do it.  Nothing is left out.  We show you every step of how to repair all of your home appliances with ease yourself.

The videos even fully explains where and how to get your parts at a great discount. What are the Best Appliances to Buy if you do have to replace your appliance. We lead you through every step of not just repair, but also the appliances that have the least maintenance & repair history. 

Also, which appliances we recommend that you don’t purchase because of their bad ratings. No more guessing and exchanging parts, costing you time and money.

What’s in the Course?
What’s in it for You? Benefits of the Never Pay for Appliance Repair Again Membership are just to name a few; Savings $1000s Over time, Having Your Appliance Up & Working When You Need it, Having it Done Right the First Time, Not Having to Wait Days if Not Weeks for a Repair…

Step-by-Step Repair Videos on All Major & Small Appliances. How to Repair them the Easy Way

Where to Get the Parts You Need at an Awesome Discount & Have them Delivered to You

We Show You how to Determine if it is time to Buy a New One or Repair your current appliance

How to Fix Your Home Appliances Yourself and Save Big! Most of all appliance repair calls are resolved with no-brainer solutions like resetting or flipping a circuit breaker.…

We show you how to avoid the most common appliance repairs. A few minutes of preventative maintenance will save you big time

Unlimited Lifetime Training & 24/7 Support & Live Chat. We are Available When you Need Us

Household Tools & A Couple of Very Affordable Testing Tools (Multi-meter & Voltage Tester) & How to Use them

We keep You Up-to-Date on the Best Performing Appliances, Most Affordable to Buy & the Appliances to Avoid!

Most fixes take less than an hour and save the expense of a service call. We show solutions for refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, washer & dryers, ovens…

Bad Habits cost you & Good Habits can Save You $1000s. Take of Your Appliances and they will last longer & perform better….

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