Meet the Founder: Chris Stokes – The Visionary Behind Cornerstone Appliance Training

Discover the inspiring story of Chris Stokes,

the visionary founder of Cornerstone Appliance Training. With a rich legacy spanning over 17 years in the appliance repair industry and 22 years of honorable service in the US Army, Chris embodies a blend of discipline, expertise, and a deep commitment to education.

Chris’s journey is not just about professional achievements;

it’s a testament to his personal dedication. Married to his wonderful wife, Willodean, for 35 years, he is a proud father of four and a doting grandfather to four grandchildren. His family values resonate in the nurturing and supportive learning environment he has created at Cornerstone Appliance Training.

Driven by a passion for empowering others,

Chris established Cornerstone Appliance Training to share his extensive knowledge and experience. His approach to teaching goes beyond technical skills; it’s about instilling confidence, precision, and a sense of purpose in each student. Chris believes that the true mastery of appliance repair comes with understanding the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’.

For Chris, Cornerstone Appliance Training

is more than a school; it’s a community where budding technicians are guided to reach their full potential. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to advance your skills, Chris’s hands-on training methods, honed by years of real-world experience and military precision, offer a unique and comprehensive learning experience.

Join Cornerstone Appliance Training

and embrace the opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional who is not just an instructor, but a mentor committed to your success. With Chris Stokes at the helm, embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a skilled, knowledgeable, and confident appliance repair technician.