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Appliance Certification Certificate Test & Exams

Get the respect and career growth you deserve with an Appliance Repair Certification & Certificate. Our Appliance  Certification is a highly respected level of professional recognition in the appliance service industry.

When You Enroll into the Cornerstone Appliance Training Course… Each student will have the opportunity to earn an Appliance Repair Certification Certificate at the Completion of one of our Appliance Training Course(s) or Membership(s).

What is the Cornerstone Appliance Certification Exam?

Earning an appliance repair certification from Cornerstone Appliance Training signifies a commitment to excellence in the field. Unlike standard certifications, which often come from passing a simple test, CAT’s certification is based on a comprehensive curriculum visible to the public. This includes not just a one-time exam, but a series of coursework, quizzes, and tests demonstrating a deep understanding of appliance repair. This robust approach ensures that a technician not only holds a title but possesses extensive, proven skills. Cornerstone Appliance Training is highly regarded within the industry, with many organizations and businesses relying on its training to elevate their technical teams.

Why Choose Cornerstone Appliance Training?

  • Our training programs are renowned for producing top-tier technicians, recognized across the appliance repair industry.
  • Prestigious organizations like such as; Mr. Appliance and other major brand companies trust us with the their technicians. 
  • Our courses are the chosen solution for multi-tech companies and individual entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their skills and business prospects.

Benefits of Certification with Cornerstone Appliance Training

  • Beyond the certification, you gain a complimentary Lifetime membership with Lifetime Updates of resources for appliance technicians, offering continued learning and industry insights.
  • Certified technicians and businesses can showcase their expertise with a physical Certification Certificate that they can proudly display on their website, enhancing credibility with customers, employers, and the industry at large.

How Cornerstone Certification Stands Out

Unlike certifications based solely on a single exam, Cornerstone’s certification involves a comprehensive curriculum, reflecting a deep understanding of each aspect of appliance repair. This approach ensures that your certification is not just a testament to passing a test but an indicator of thorough, hands-on experience and knowledge.

Additional Certifications and Criteria

  • While we focus on comprehensive training, those looking to supplement their certification with NASTeC or PSA certifications will find that our courses provide a solid foundation for these exams.
  • For technicians working with refrigerants, EPA Certification is a must, demonstrating knowledge in refrigerant handling and safety regulations.

Certification Requirements at Cornerstone Appliance Training To be certified, students must:

  • Achieve 80% or higher on each practice quiz.
  • Score 90% or above on our “Final Exam” and receive a sealed Certificate Certification mailed to you.
  • Meet these standards individually for each assessment, ensuring mastery across all course components.

At Cornerstone Appliance Training, certification is not just a milestone; it’s a launchpad for a successful, reputable career in appliance repair.

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Appliance Certification Certificate
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Appliance Certification Certificate
Appliance Certification Certificate Test Exams

Residential Appliance REPAIR Certification – Is NOT Required in Most States. However, check with Your State or Your County Clerks Office to Be Sure…

Additional Appliance Certifications is a Personal Choice… Cornerstone Training Course graduates…

At the completion of our Appliance Training Course you will better prepared to pass the exam(s) of any Nationally recognized Appliance Repair Certifications….

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Once you pick up your Cornerstone Appliance Certification, you’ll be ready to Start Your Own Appliance Business or find work as a professional appliance service technician with a skill set that’s always in demand.