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Appliance Repair Training Made Simple, Easy & Very Affordable…

Who is Cornerstone Appliance Training? Why Choose our Appliance Repair Training Course(s) or Membership(s)? That’s easy we offer both Real “Hands on Training” School & a Online Self-Pace “All-in-One” Appliance Repair Training Course(s) & Membership Bundles.  Take a Look at the video below…

Welcome to Cornerstone Appliance Training …Also known as…C.A.T.!

CAT was founded in 2015 with the sole purpose of helping people realize their dream, Start Their Own Business, receive the Appliance Repair Training, Change Careers (if they desire), Provide for themselves & their Families, Create Financial Security, Pass On a Legacy, Build a Business that they Can Be Proud Of, Quality of Life and so much more.

Here you will find a Very Affordable Real “Hands on Training” School & Complete Appliance Repair Training Course(s) & Membership(s) as well as a Complete Business in a Box. You will also learn How To Start Your Own Appliance Repair Business (if that is your desire).

We will provide the resources you need such as; Free Business Website (20+ Pages), 8 Modules, Appliance Repair Manual (1200+ Pages), Always Up-to-date Materials, Easy to follow Step-by-Step Videos, Troubleshooting Shortcuts, Appliance Tech Pro, Appliance Blue Book Job Rate Guides, Advertising, etc…

But most importantly, you will find the tools you need to finally Upgrade Your Llife and that of Your Families & discover your FULL Potential.

Here at CAT, we encourage you, we inspire you and we motivate you on your journey to become a Successful Appliance Repair Technician & a Very Successful Appliance Repair Company.  We believe that if you follow our course(s), guidelines & apply yourself that you will become one of the best in this high in demand & lucrative Appliance Industry.

Whether you are a complete beginner in residential appliances, a seasoned expert looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills or someone who is looking for a career change, we are determined to help you grow as a technician & grow your business… from day one!

How We Got Started!

I started in the Appliance Repair Industry thirteen (15) years ago in a very proud moment, when my son expressed his interest in learning all about repairing appliances. After scouring the web and the real world for appliance repair courses and schools.

I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of them were needlessly difficult, extremely expensive and convoluted. That’s when I decided to steer clear of all the same old online training courses and programs that I was seeing all too often and create a technical course that would be easy to master by everyone.

Right now, we are proud to present the simplest, easiest and most affordable Real “Hands on Training” School & Online Self-Pace Appliance Repair Training Course(s) that can and will give you the tools you need to Start Your Own Very Successful Appliance Business for you & your family.

Our course(s) & membership(s) can indeed be a very powerful asset because it is self-paced and you can access it from anywhere as long as you have a basic internet connection.

All the courses follow your own rhythm and can be repeated as many times as you like until you become a Master Appliance Repair Technician!

Meet the Founder

Appliance Repair Training Made Easy & Very Affordable

Welcome to Cornerstone Appliance Training LLC (CAT)! My name is Chris, and I’m the founder of Cornerstone Appliance Training.

After being trained by a Local Appliance Repair Company that had been in the Appliance Industry for over 40 years.  I decided to open my own Appliance Repair Company. We have operated a very successful Appliance Repair Business for almost 15 years and… I Love it!

I have been active in the major home appliance repair industry, both as an in-home appliance repair technician operating my own appliance repair service business, but also online with members of CAT.

Our Mission

Our mission has never changed or waived since the day we got started; to enable people around the world to realize their true potential, unlock their Entrepreneurial Spirit & Appliance Repair skills and create their own thriving & Successful Business or receive the Appliance Repair Training they are looking for.

Our Vision

Here at Cornerstone Appliance Training, we have no greater passion than to teach others how simple and enjoyable it can be to learn Appliance Repair & Start Your Own Appliance Business.

We would like to prove to you that our Real “Hands on Training” School or Online Self-Pace Appliance Training course(s) & our 4 simple rules is simply all you need start a very successful small business that will provide for you and your family in more ways than you can count. Although the income is Awesome for those who put forth the effort- Average $65,000 to $80,000 the First Year!  Of course, some of you will make less because you will work Part-Time vs Full-Time.  Also, some of you only need a side income, extra money or just to supplement your income.

Being a Business Owner (Entrepreneur) in the Appliance Repair has so many more benefits; flexible hours, work when you want, earn what you want, live where you want (appliances are everywhere), no more job hunting, job layoffs, cut backs, quality of life (spend more time with your family), no mandatory overtime, etc…

Our desire to help each person live every day with passion, purpose, and freedom.

Additional Information About the Founder

Since early 2007, I have been active in the major home appliance repair industry, both as an in-home appliance repair technician running my own service business, but also online with my Youtube Channel and Facebook Page.

Past Experience

Before I got into appliance repair, I started 3 other companies from the ground up. I was trained by a Local Appliance Company; the owner had over 40 years of appliance experience. After be trained by that company and receiving my appliance certification and credentials. 

I started my own local company… and I Love it! In short, I know how to start a Successful Appliance Repair Company and I will show you how as well.

Home and Family

After Retiring from the U.S. Army (22 years) in 2002. I moved to Arlington, Tennessee, in 2002 with my wife, Dean, and four kids, 2 boys and 2 girls (Adrian, Marty, Sarah and Moses).


Basic Electricity and Electronics Course, GAC 2007

Attended College(s),  University of Chicago, University of Kentucky & University of Maryland, 1991

Licenses and Professional Associations

Appliance Certification, GAC 2007

NASTeC | ISCET National Appliance Service Technician Certification 2016 (Did not need to just wanted see what the fuss was about & Always keep learning)

Military Service

U.S. Army, Active Duty 1980 – 2002.

Some of My Fun Assignments – Drill Sergeant 1989 (Love this Duty, a lot of fun waking up young men at 5:00 am), Cavalry Scout, NET Team, Station Commander & Recruiting (1995) – (Challenging yet rewarding, helping people change their lives & see the world at the same time… Awesome!) Honorable Discharge.

No Better Feeling than to Be Able to Provide for You and Your Family... We Can Help You Achieve That

"Have a Blessed Day"

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