Start Your Own Appliance Repair Business the Easy Way…

How Soon Can I Start My Own Appliance Repair Business? Or Become an Appliance Repair Technician?

This Really is Easier than You Think! Follow the Online Self-Paced Step-by-Step Training Course Videos, Appliance Repair Training Manual (1200+ Pages) Telephone Technical Support (if needed) & with Our Full Training & Support – You Could Start in a Week to 30 Days! We have had students start in as little as 2 weeks… we will show you how.

Can You Really Make $65,000 the 1st Year with an Appliance Repair Business? Take a look below…

New Career Opportunity! Looking to Change Jobs or Careers, Start a Small Business… Need to Make More Money, Enjoy Your Employment, Quality of Life, Job Security, Choose Where You Live…

When you receive our Appliance Repair Training you will quickly improve your ability to qualify for good job opportunities… Anywhere!  Because appliances are in every City, State & Country.  Once you learn how to repair appliances the job market & an awesome income just opened for you anywhere you choose to live or work.

Imagine what having a valuable new set of skills in this trade might mean for you: More Money, a Better Quality of Life, More Family Time, Job Security, Job Satisfaction, Enjoy going to Work Again and so much more…

After all, every household has major appliances and all them will service & repairs. In my over 11 years of experience, the new modern appliances break or need repairs within 2 to 4 years on average.

What are the differences in our Appliance Repair Training Course(s) or Memberships than the other guys?  Very Good Question… I am happy to answer that.  Let’s start here:


  • All in One Appliance Training – We provide you with NOT  just the Appliance Training that you need. But, also exactly what you need to Start Your Own Business (see Cornerstone Appliance Training below),  additional training if you are already an Appliance Tech, or a Newbie to the Appliance Repair Industry, How to start on a shoe string budget, etc…
  • ALL the Appliance Training that you need – (ie. Online Appliance Training Course(s), Appliance Training Manual (Free), Step-by-Step Videos, Training Materials, Appliance Training Programs that make it easier (Appliance Tech Pro), Troubleshooting Shortcuts, 8 Training Modules, Practice Exams, Final Exams, Certification Certificate, Life-Time Membership, etc…
  • Cost Very Affordable Course(s) & Memberships – We are on average about 40% to 60% cheaper than our competitors (which of course does not make them happy).  My goal in creating Cornerstone Appliance Training LLC was to make it Affordable, Technical (yet simple & easy), Provide Support (Live Tech),  Appliance Training Materials, Industry Updates, Forum for everyone to learn from & help others to be successful in the process, etc…
  • Everything You Need to Be Successful – Along with the Appliance Training to make you a very competent & Professional Appliance Tech.  We wanted to provide you with everything you need to Start Your Own Appliance Business without Breaking the Bank!
  • Cornerstone Appliance Training Provides – Free 20 Page Professionally Designed & Optimized Appliance Repair Business Website with Free Installation & Hosting for 6 Months (after that if you stay with us a very small fee to provide maintenance & hosting of your website), How to Advertise Your Business – Free or Cheap, Tools Needed (just a few to start), Free Appliance Forms, Free Appliance Repair Blue Book – Job Rates Guide, How to Make an Appointment, Get rid of 1st Time Jitters, or Nervousness, How to Crush Your Competition with Ease, What Warranty Jobs you should and should not take, etc…
  • Business Management – Invoices – How to complete them, How to file them, Business Cards, How to Accept Credit & Debit Cards and Checks, What Apps you need to Make the Appliance Business Super Easy, Business License Needed (Averages $15 – $25 a year), Insurance (averages $55 to $65 a month), etc…
  • Parts & Tools – Where to buy the parts (only the minimum) and tools (only a few).  Exactly the parts you need to start. 
  • Certification Certificate – Once you have taken our course(s) and the practice exams throughout each course.  You are ready to take the Final Exam.  Once you PASS the Final Exam with a score of 90% or better.  We will provide you with a Certification Certificate of Completion from Cornerstone Appliance Training LLC with our seal.
  • A to Z – Everything you need is in our course.  Appliance Training, How to Start Your Business, Advertising for New Customers, Customer Service, Making Appointments, Phone Blue Print, How to Start with What You Have, What Appliances to Repair that are the Easiest, How to Make an Awesome Profit, Free Warranty account for your area, How to Grow Your Business and so much more.  If it is something that is needed to help your business or receive the training you need… it’s in our course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Plan Should I Choose?

What are Your Goals? Do you plan to Start a Appliance Repair Business? Then you should click on “Membership Discount Options” link (3rd image from the top). Our 3 membership plans are; Starter (for those on a tight budget), BusinessPro (most popular & one time payment) or Professional Business Bundle – All in One (for the owner & another tech with many additional bonuses).

Appliance Training Only – I would recommend the “Fundamentals of Appliances All in One Bundles” course.  This course has ALL of the major appliances training, videos, materials, Free 1200+ Page Troubleshooting & Repair Appliance Manual, Appliance Tech Pro, etc…

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Courses or Memberships?

That’s Totally Up to You. Our courses and memberships are a TRUE Online Self-Pace Course.  What that means to you is that we don’t DRIP Feed our content. For those of you that don’t know what Drip Feed means. Drip Feed is when you only get access to the course or membership you purchased little by little, which is determined by the owner of the company.  NOT so with us, YOU are in TOTAL control of how slow or fast you will complete the course.

Course Completion Average Time Frame:

Fundamentals of Appliances: Full Time – 3 to 5 Weeks or 40 – 75 Hours or Part Time –  4 – 6 Weeks or 60 to 85 Hours

Refrigerator Repair: Full Time  2 – 3 Weeks or 25 to 40 Hours & Part Time – 3 to 5 Weeks or 30 to 45 Hours

Washer and Dryer Training: Full Time – 2 to 3 Weeks or 20 – 30 Hours & Part Time – 3 to 4 Weeks or 30 to 45 Hours

Complete Course (BusinessPro Bundles or Professional Business Bundles): Full Time – 45 to 60 Days or 50 – 75 Hours & Part Time – 60 to 90 Days or 60 – 85 Hours (Note: Learn How to Start Earning in 2 Weeks or Less)

Advanced Troubleshooting: Full Time – 2 to 3 Weeks or 20 – 30 Hours & Part Time – 3 to 4 Weeks or 25 to 40 Hours

Do I Receive a Certification Certificate When I Complete a Course or Membership?

All of Our Appliance Training Course & Memberships Have Certification Certificate Option. Anyone can receive a Certification Certificate when they meet the requirements of passing the Practice Exams inside the course of 80% or higher.  After you have met that goal, then you send us a request to take the Final Exam.  You must score a 90% or higher on the Final Exam to receive your Certification Certificate.

Hands on Training – How Can I Get Hands on Training Before I Start Repairing Appliances?

We provide several solutions that will enable you to get the Hands on Training that you desire or need.  Our Appliance Training videos are so easy, simple and step-by-step that most of students are confident after watching our videos that they can go on service calls and start troubleshooting, disassemble, assemble and repair appliances with no problem. However, we understand that some of you would rather at least practice troubleshooting, disassemble and disassembling appliances before you go to the customers house for the first time. See Our Hands On Training Page for More Details.

Can I Purchase an Appliance Training Course and Then Upgrade & Receive Credit for the Course That I Purchased?

When You Purchase Any of Our Courses or Memberships You Receive Credit. Yes, you will receive credit when you purchase one of our Appliance Training Course or Memberships toward your next purchase.  For Example, if you decide to purchase the “Fundamentals of Appliance All in One Bundles” course ($494.95) and you decide at a later date to purchase the “BusinessPro” membership ($599.95).  You will only pay the balance of $300 ($599.95 – $494.95=$105)

How Much Support Can I Expect to Receive?

We Have Live Tech Support, Live Chat & Email.  Our Live Tech Support is for those who purchase one of our memberships.  We provide very deep support and are able to help resolve most troubleshooting and repair issues. Also, our course is so easy to follow and that we have created several programs within our membership such as; Appliance Tech Pro, Harnessing Technology, etc.. Most of our students (once they learn to use these tools) rarely need our help.

Who Will Benefit From This Appliance Training Course?

Our Courses are Designed for Beginners & Seasoned Appliance Technicians. We have 8 Training Modules, materials, programs, practice test, videos, troubleshooting and repair, etc.. that will benefit any and all Appliance Repair Techs.  Our courses are constantly updated and will continue to be.  As you already know in this industry, you never stop learning.

Can You Really Start a Business with What We Offer in Our Membership(s)?

Anyone That Wants to Start an Appliance Repair Business.  We provide EVERYTHING you need from, a Free 20 Page Professionally Designed & Optimized (Value of $1500 to $2000), Free Installation, Free Setup, Free Hosting for 6 months, Appliance Forms, 1200+ Page Appliance Manual, Parts, Tools, Advertising, Tax Info, Start Kit, Phone Blue Print, etc… You will receive a Complete Business in a Bundle.  Lastly, we teach you how to CRUSH your competition and how to be SUCCESSFUL from Day 1.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Here are the Most Common Questions & Answers that pertain to Starting Your Appliance Repair Business
How Does the Corner Stone Appliance Course Work?

Corner Stone Appliance Training Course (CATC) offers a Everything You need to gain the knowledge and must have skills that will make troubleshooting & repair service calls effortless, no matter what the appliance problem. Or You can Start Your Appliance Repair Business from; Step-by-Step Videos, Appliance Repair Manual (1200+ Pages), Full Training, 24/7 Support and Live Technical Support.

The Course includes; How to Start with What You Have, 8 Modules of Appliance Repair, Fundamentals of Troubleshooting, Diagnosing and Repair, Practice Exam at the End of Appliance Modules, Final Exam, Appliance Certification & Certificate, How to Advertise Free & Paid, Tools needed (just a few simple tools at first), Where to Find Discount Parts, What are the Easiest Appliances to Repair & Some You Should Avoid, Website, How to Receive Payment, Price Chart and so much more…
How Long will I Have Access to the Course?

FREE Life-Time Membership! FREE 6 Months Live Technical Support with 3 Memberships (Starter, BusinessPro & Professional Business Bundle! After that and you still need live technical support, there will be a small monthly membership fee… (NO Contract – Cancel Anytime). You will have access to the course material, videos and members support forum any time you want to review lessons or when we update information (ie videos, content, tools etc…).  Also, you will receive any updates or new videos that we post in the future.

What if I Need Additional Help?

Simple. We are here to help with ANY question you have. After looking at the Online Resources we provide and you still are not sure what to do. Contact us via email, Live Chat or Telephone Technical Support. This training course has a wealth up-to-date online resources that you will have access to 24/7.

How Do I Get Paid? Earn While You Learn!

Getting Paid is Easy – You get paid EVERDAY via credit card, debit, check or cash. Credit Cards & Debit Cards are processed with your cell phone and it is super easy to setup we show you how. Also, we show you how to start earning from day 1 when you start your appliance repair business and…

Do You Have a Guarantee or Refund Policy

Yes! We believe you are going to be so impressed with this course that you will wish you had started this business long before now! We are confident that you will find that they are worth more than you paid for them. But to give you peace of mind about making this investment in your future, we offer a 14 day money-back guarantee (because of what you will have access to when you purchase the course). You will soon see why we ONLY offer 3 Day Money Back Guarantee (please see our refund policy).

Is it Hard to Setup My Own Appliance Repair Business?

Again a Done for You Business – We take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what you need from Start to Finish to setup your business. Exactly what we use today and everyday that makes this business easy from the exact invoice, business card, clipboard, free apps, tools, etc… And with One of our Discount Membership Packages you get a Free 20 Page Professionally Optimized Appliance Repair Website!

How Soon Can I Start My Own Appliance Repair Business?

This is a very common question. However, it REALLY is up to YOU! We start you with the EASIEST Appliances first (which means you could start in a week or a month) to get you up and running as soon as possible!

Do I Need Any Technical Skills or Experience in Appliance Repair?

NO Skills or Experience Required – I have taken Complete Newbies – from ages of 20 to 56 and made them Very Competent in a short time and continued to grow from there… I am going to give you the Exact Training that has Grown My Company Beyond my Wildest Imagination! Also, I am going to share a very valuable source on web that if You need immediate help (And You can’t wait for me to Answer Your Question) you will have access to.

How Much $$$ Can I Expect to Make?

First of All – You get Paid Everyday & there is Residual Income (Explained in the Course). Average Daily Income – Starts at $300 to $500 a Day or more… And grows as your knowledge and customer base grows (also covered in the course).

Do I Have to Buy a Van & Expensive Tools to Start My Own Appliance Business?

No, whatever you do. Don’t believe the hype that you have to have a fancy van or tools to start this business.  A Van, truck or SUV to transport tools, but the trunk of your car & or an average size backseat can get you started  Again, I started with a $9 dollar tool box and a 1994 Ford F-150 almost 14 years ago. We show you how to start with what you have and purchase what you need as you make more & more $$!

I Still Have Questions? Is there Someone I Can Call to Talk to About CATC?

Yes, give us a call at (901)387-7525 or (800)215-5495 during business hours or shoot us an email. We’ll be happy to answer any question that you are not clear about & that will help you make a wise decision about start your own appliance business.

Is this Hard Work?

Absolutely Not! This has probably been the easiest work (average 30 to 40 minute jobs) that you will ever do and get paid to do it. Average work day is 4 to 6 hours of ACTUAL work. Of Course, if you want to make more money for any reason that’s up to you how long you want to work.

Competiton – Is There Too Much Competiton in My Area?

Simply Put…”NO”! If you follow the guidelines of this Course & Operate Your Business with Integrity?! You will CRUSH your competition like Sears, Mr. Appliance and any other large local businesses in your area. How?! Most Appliance Businesses have NO Clue on how to do the following; Price their Services, Customer Service, Advertising, Find Discount Parts, Find New Customers, Get Referrals, Professional Website, Keep Overhead Low While Making an Awesome Profit, etc…

**New Course Added** Appliance Repair Marketing Solutions (ARMS)

How to Get Unlimited Appliance Repair Leads… How Many Appliance Leads Do You Want a Day? 1 – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 10 or more…