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What You will Learn… Basics & Advanced Skills in Appliance Repair

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You will Learn Appliance Troubleshooting Skills? NOT Disassembly and Parts Changing Skills

There are Plenty of Guys in the Appliance Repair Business who know how to disassemble an appliance and change a part but have no idea how to actually troubleshoot and diagnose what’s going on with the appliance. We are going to Teach You How to do it… Correctly the First Time!

There are Plenty of Guys in the Appliance Repair Business who know how to disassemble an appliance and change a part but have no idea how to actually troubleshoot and diagnose what’s going on with the appliance. We are going to Teach You How to do it… Correctly the First Time!

What’s in the Fundamentals Appliance Repair Training Course Membership? How Does it Work?

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Estimated time to complete Cornerstone Appliance Fundamentals Course;

Full Time = 1 to 2 Months (Some Students have Started Earning in as little as 2 weeks)

Part Time = 2 Months to 3 Months

**This Course and All of the Courses are Self-Paced (you decide how soon you finish each course)**

What’s in the Fundamentals Appliance Repair Training Course?

In the Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Training Course you will learn;

  1. Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Basics
  2. How to test circuit boards, troubleshoot and find the problem
  3. How to read appliance schematics, troubleshoot and repair
  4. Determine the name(s) and function of appliance components & the appliances with circuit boards and computers
  5. Troubleshooting Shortcuts – Top 5 Reasons Any Appliance is NOT Working & How to Repair them
  6. Basic tools that every appliance tech needs
  7. The basic appliance repair parts that every technician should have

Course Syllabus:

Module 1 – Fundamentals Course Orientation

How to Use the Membership Videos & How to Use the Course Materials

Unit 1 – Welcome to the CATC Fundamentals Appliance Repair Course

Unit 2 – How to Use the CATC Course Materials

Chapter 1 – Appliance Tools & Test Instruments

The Basic Tools that Every Appliance Tech Needs to make repairing Appliances Easy

Unit 1 – Basic Tools Needed for any Service Call

Unit 2 – Appliance Tool Bag for Appliance Repair (You Get to See My Exact Tool Bag & the Tools I Carry)

Unit 3 – Appliance Test Instrument We Recommend (Only a Couple)

Unit 4 – Specialty Tools that Will Keep Your Repair Time to 20 Minutes or so…

Chapter 2 – Basic Electricity

Make the Technician knowledgeable in Basic Electricity – Volts, ohms, amps. circuit, circuit components

Unit 1 – Basic Electricity; Terms & Terminology

Unit 2 – What is Electricity? Current & Voltage (Only 2 Types Voltage You Need in Residential Appliance Repair)

Unit 3 – What is a Circuit?

Unit 4 – Basic Electricity; Ohms, Ohms Law, Amps, etc…

Unit 5 – Electrical Wiring; Basic Electrical Wiring Skills in Appliance Repair

Unit 6 – Basic Electricity: Circuit Breaker Panels and Power Outlets

Unit 7 – Basic Electricity Module Exam

Chapter 3 – Basic Electronics in Appliances

Control Boards in Appliances. How to Troubleshoot & Repair. Learn to Diagnostic Modes, 3 Board Electronic Control & 2 Board

Unit 1 – How Electronics in Appliances Operate

Unit 2 – Components in Electronic Control/Circuit Boards

Unit 3 – Testing Printed Circuit Boards & Touch Panels

Unit 4 – How to Handle Electronics Boards in Appliance Repair

Unit 5 – How to Test Control Boards with One Simple Tool

Unit 6 – Basic Electronics Module Exam

Chapter 4 – Troubleshooting Appliances

The Fundamentals (Basics) of How to Troubleshoot & Repair Appliances, Technicians Diagnostic Guide (Mandatory – Before & After in Servicing all Appliances)

Unit 1 – Troubleshooting Basics

Unit 2 – Technician Diagnostic Guide

Unit 3 – How to Troubleshoot & Diagnose the Problem Before the Service Call

Unit 4 – Using Schematics Made Easy – 2 Tools that Make it Simple

Unit 5 – Pocket Technician Pro – Like Having an Experience Tech in Your Pocket

Unit 6 – Harnessing Technology – has made Troubleshooting & Repair Super Easy (if you stuck on a service call)… No Problem

Unit 7 – Basic Troubleshooting Exam

Chapter 5 – Appliance Parts

Different Types of Parts Used in Appliances – switches, pumps, fuses, sensors, elements, relays and more…

Unit 1 – Fuses, switches and relays

Unit 2 – Pressure switches, pumps, valves

Unit 3 – Thermostats, fan motors, circuit boards

Unit 4 – Heating Elements

Unit 5 – Solenoids

Unit 6 – Capacitors

Unit 7 – Appliance Parts Module Exam

Chapter 6 – How to Read Schematics

In this course you will learn the basics of schematics as well as advanced schematics reading & testing. After completing the course, you will be given a series of practice exercise to perfect your schematic reading and troubleshooting skills.

Unit 1 – Introduction to Schematics

Unit 2 – Schematic Basics 101

Unit 3 – How to Use Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances

Unit 4 – Use Schematics to Diagnose Appliances without Disassembly

Unit 5 – Use Schematics to Troubleshoot Circuit Board, Computer Appliances & Electronic Boards

Unit 6 – Schematics Module Exam

Chapter 7 – Final Exam

Final Exam of Fundamentals Course. You must score an 80% or Higher to Receive the a passing grade.

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