Appliance Repair Training Our Guarantee – Full Training & Support –

NO Experience – NO Problem! We Bring the Training to You! We are with You Every Step of the Way
  • We Offer Full Training & Support…
  • Earn While You Learn – Step-by-Step Videos
  • Live Support & 24/7 Access… You can Always Reach Us
  • Continual Support – Unlimited Life Time Technical & Business Support…
  • A to Z Training – Everything Your Business Needs will be Available
  • We Are Always There for You… Period!

Full Training & Support

Cornerstone Appliance Training & Support – Get the Training Your Company Deserves!

When You need Support you can depend on us. We Take our Commitment to Support very Seriously!

Once You Have the Basics – the Rest is Easy!

Home Appliance Repair is Much Easier than Everyone would have You to Believe! We offer 3 Simple Training Phases to Get Your Business Up & Running. After you have the Basics the Rest is… Rinse & Repeat!

Phase 1 – Initial Training – Live Support Access, Business Setup (Business Name, License, Cards, Invoice), Telephone Blue Print, Tools, A-Z Business Information, etc…

Phase 2 – Basic Appliance Training – Step-by-Step Videos, Live Support, 24/7 Support, Weekly Update (optional) only if you need help, etc…

Phase 3 – Preparation for Business Startup – receives instruction on how to complete various steps for getting your business up and running, covering business setup, marketing, which appliances to start with first and customer service.

Our Training & Support Does Not Stop. You will Have Access to Continual Training As You Need It

Your Business Will Benefit Greatly from Our Ongoing Support

When you begin to enjoy having your own appliance repair business and you have questions. We are able to offer you a wealth of resources that will assist you in almost any situation. Again, you are not alone we are here to help.

Our Top Priority is to Provide You with Training & Support that will Ensure Your Business is Successful

We will to take you by the hand and show you Step-by-Step how to Start Your Own Profitable Business from scratch. Support Until You are Successful… Period!

  • You Don’t Have to Do this Alone
  • Live Support
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – NO Limit or Until You Don’t Need it
  • Access to Exact Business Blueprint
  • How to Get All the Customers You Can Handle
  • Website – Optimized Appliance Repair Website (optional)
  • How to Handle Your Customers

How Technology has Made the Appliance Repair Super Easy… Your Cell Phone is like Having An Experienced Technician in Your Pocket!

NO Longer do You have to Follow an Experienced Technician Around for a 6 months to a Year! Or work for a Company with Low Pay & Benefits! We will Show How Your Cell Phone, Access to A Computer & Our 24/7 Support will Make You an Experienced and Competent Technician in No Time!

  • Cell Phone & a Computer is All the Classroom You Need!
  • Put an Experienced Tech in Your Pocket
  • Know How to Repair Before You See it
  • How to Repair in 15 to 20 Minutes
  • Only Work 2 to 4 Hours on Average a Day
  • Access to All Appliance Training without the Expense
  • Need an Answer – It will be At Your Finger Tips
  • Parts, Prices, Payment Processing and more…
  • Everything You Need to Run Your Business… the Easy Way!

More than Just An Appliance Repair Course! Customer Satisfaction is Very Important to Any Company!

Aside from the Appliance Repair Training aspect, Corner Stone also address the many other aspects of being an appliance tech. We want you to be fully prepared not just for repairing appliances, but also for dealing with the needs of customers. When you treat your customers with the professionalism & respect they deserve. The satisfaction & growth of your business will excel beyond your wildest dreams.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

  • What Does the Customer Expect?
  • Always treat the Customer with Respect
  • Arrive on Time (within the schedule window)
  • Identify Yourself
  • Call when Enroute to Appointment
  • Be Properly Groomed
  • Listen to the Customer & Ask Questions
  • Keep the Customer Informed of Repairs
  • Ensure Customer has a Copy of Invoice with Repairs
  • Leave the Work Area Clean & Free of Debris
  • More information in the course…

Starting Your Own Business & Making Your Dream a Reality… Are Just a Few Clicks Away!

You can do this Part Time, Full Time or Save Thousands $$$ by Learning to Repair Your Own Home Appliancess… the Sky is the Limit with This Easy Course!!

No Better Feeling than Being able to Provide for You & Your Family – We Can Help You Achieve That!

Be Blessed & Be Encouraged!