Why Choose Cornerstone?


Why Should I Invest in Cornerstone Appliance Training? Small Business…
Big Results!
Purchasing Our Course is a Such a Small Investment… Our Goal is to Help You Create Your Own Unique Profitable & Successful Appliance Repair Business… from the Start!

How to Operate a Successful Appliance Repair Business!

Nothing is More Important than Getting Your Business off to the Right Start & Finding Customers… We Got You Covered!!

Benefit from Our Years of Being in Business & Expertise

As a Company we have been operating our Appliance Repair Business for almost 10 years. We love this business & helping our customers with their appliance needs. Also, the years of knowledge & experience that we bring to the table.. are Second to None!!

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Small Businesses Fail Because they Don’t… Choose the Right Business or Business Plan…

It can be easy to start a small business such as; Home Appliance Repair as there are opportunities to fit almost every budget and skill. It is often harder, however, to run an Appliance Repair Business successfully. Running a Successful Small Business often starts with the planning stage when you are deciding what you will repair and where you will locate your company. It doesn’t stop there, however, as everything from your choice of appliances to repair, office location (home office), how to make an appointment, how to receive a payment and…

However, We have that Taken Care of for You!


The Appliance Repair Industry is… Red Hot! Always will Be…Everyone Needs their Appliances…
Unlike a lot of Businesses that Are here Today… Gone Tomorrow! Appliance Repair is to here Stay! This Business has Proven that…

Residential Appliance Repair is an Awesome Business! Average Income $65,000 to $80,000 the First Year!

The Appliance Repair Business is also known as an Evergreen Business.
It is always in High Demand and it is NOT Seasonal.  Also, when done correctly (which we show you exactly how from the start), your business will only continue to grow week after week, month and year. Because you have chosen the Cornerstone Appliance Training Course to lead and guide you. You are already on the Right path for Success. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

For Example Our Business Plan. The same plan that has made us VERY successful will be the EXACT business plan we recommend for our students to launch your business and keep track of your goals and objectives as you work to expand it. It will prove important that you implement this when you are ready to start your business and not learn from trial & error as so many small businesses do.

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Appliance Repair Business Plan
It Starts with Choosing the Right Appliance Repair Training Course and…
Our Proven Almost 10 Years of Success Business Plan…

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A Killer Business Plan & Some of the Course Benefits…

  • Business Plan – Where Do We Start? Done

  • Business Location – Home or Office Up to You – Done

  • Attract Customers – How Do We Get Them to Come to You – Done

  • Advertising & Marketing – How to Advertise Free & Paid – Done

  • Payment Processing – Done

  • Business Strategy – How to Crush the Competition – Done

  • A to Z Business Operation – Done

  • Business Supplies – Parts, Tools, Prices, etc… Done

  • Website – 20 Page Professionally Designed & Optimized Appliance Repair Website

  • Telephone Technical Support  – We are there When You Need Us…

  • Everything You Need to Be Successful is Here…

All Appliance Training Courses are Not Equal… Most Only Offer Appliance Repair…
We Offer So Much More than Just Appliance Repair! Why So Many Students have Taken Our Course… After Paying for the Expensive 3 Week Courses…

Appliance Training Certificate
Benefit from Our Years of Being in Business & Learn from Our Experts…

How Our Experience will Benefit Your Business Tremendously…

As a Company we have been operating our Appliance Repair Business for almost 10 years. We love this business & helping our customers with their appliance needs. Also, the years of knowledge & experience that we bring to the table.

  • How to Make Your Business Profitable from the Start

  • Avoid the Pitfalls of a New Business

  • Day to Day Operations – that Makes the Business Easy

  • 3 Training Phases – Get Your Business Up & Running

  • Return on Investment – in 2 Weeks or Less

  • Residual Income – 3 Additional Streams

  • Customers – Repeat Business & Referrals

  • Continual Training and Support – Unlimited Life Time Technical, Telephone and Business Support

Online Appliance Training Course
Appliance Certification & Certificate

At the Completion of the Cornerstone Appliance Training Course

Cornerstone Appliance Certification Requirements

You will be given a series of Practice Exams at the End of Several Training Modules. You will need to score a 80% or higher to pass each Exam.

Cornerstone Appliance Certificate

Certificate Requirements – Each Student must take the Final Exam (80+ Questions) and score a 80% or higher to receive the Cornerstone Appliance Certification Certificate.  Don’t worry we will teach everything you need to know…

Our Training Course & Technology has Made Appliance Repair Super Easy!

Your Cell Phone is like Having An Experienced Technician in Your Pocket!

Appliance Repair Wizard Pro

NO Longer do You have to Follow an Experienced Technician Around for a 6 months to a Year! Or work for a Company with Low Pay & Benefits!

  • Our Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Form

    Cell Phone, Ipad or Computer is All the Classroom You Need!

    Appliance Repair Manuals Online – When You Need Them

    How to Repair an Appliance Before You See it

    How to Repair in 15 to 20 Minutes

    Only Work 2 to 4 Hours on Average a Day

    Access to All Appliance Training without the Expense

    Need an Answer – It will be At Your Finger Tips

    Parts, Prices, Payment Processing and more…

    Everything You Need to Run Your Business… the Easy Way!

Partner with Excellence – We Will Work Hard to Make You Successful… Period!

Remember, We Started Where You are Now – Almost 10 Years Ago. That’s what Make Us the Perfect Partnership to Follow a Proven Plan & Achieve Your Business Goals.