Selling Used Appliances Made Easy
Learning to Sell Appliances May Be the Easiest Money You Ever See...

How to Sell Used Appliances Full Time or Part Time... Average $1000 to $1500 a week or More...

This video reveals some of the Used Appliances that I got for Free & Cheap... will Sell the for an Awesome Profit!
Sell Used Appliances Make $1000 to $1500
Hey Guys, I'm Chris. I have been repairing, servicing and selling appliances for over 10 years... and I love it.  If you have thought about owning a small business or being your own boss... this is it!

The Used Appliance Business is a Red Hot Business to be In with Awesome Unlimited Income Potential! Anyone Can Do This! Why?

I talk to Customers everyday that are fed-up with spending $600 to $1200 for a Top Load washer & dryer or $2000 to $3000 for the Front Load Set and then have to repair them in 2 to 4 years on average.

I purchased this set of Whirlpool front load washer & dryer set for $100 ($50 each).  I will need to put a few bucks in them and sell them easily for $1000 to $1500.

Everyone has Appliances and as most of You already know (just by the appliances you have) they are always breaking or need repairs. With the Economy & the Job Market being what it is... Everyone is trying to Save Money anywhere they can and Used Appliances is Definitely One of Them!

**Update** Fast Money Washing Machine & Dryer Training

How Does it Work?...

Appliance Well Written Guides, Step-by Step Videos & 24/7 Support

Everything you need to Start Your Appliance Business from scratch;

  • How I started my appliance business with a $60 Dollar Dryer
  • Best Appliances - Choose the right appliances & avoid costly mistakes
  • Free & Cheap Appliances - How to get appliances for free or extremely cheap
  • Tools Needed - What tools you need to get started (just a few common tools)
  • Appliance Buying - What appliances to buy that make the most profit
  • Appliance Selling - How to Sell Appliances & have a list of hungry customers waiting for your next appliance
  • Appliance Repair (All Major Appliances) - Instant access to our Troubleshooting Repair & Shortcuts members area with continuous updates & tips... refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, stoves, microwaves, dishwasher, etc... Life Time Membership
  • Cleaning & Painting - How to clean & paint the appliances.  The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" is definitely true with appliances... the better they look, the more you make!
  • Growing Your Business - How to grow your appliance business... the right way! Customer Service is #1.  When done right they will help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Appliance Parts - Where to find discount parts, get the parts you need at wholesale prices. 
Appliance Video Tutorials - Step-by-Step Videos...
The Selling Used Appliance Membership will take you by the hand and show you everything you to know from A to Z about the Appliance Business
Need Help? NO Problem... We are Here When You Need Us

With our Appliance Course, you have 24/7 Full Training & Support, instant access to all videos that if you follow the course guides & training will guarantee a very successful & profitable business from the start.

However, we have gone a step further by adding more programs & techniques like;

  • Pocket Technician Pro - like having a 40 year Appliance Expert in your pocket
  • Appliance Tech Pro - Troubleshooting & Repair made super easy
  • Harnessing Technology - How to use your cellphone or computer to make your business grow extremely fast.

You'll find tips and tricks that will save money and time.


You Can Start to Sell Used Appliances in a Week or a Month...
Just How Do I Find Used Appliances to Sell? Used Appliances are Everywhere? Free & Paid! If You Know Where to Look... Below are a just a few of the Used Appliances I picked up recently, some for FREE...

I got this Samsung refrigerator for Free! The guy was having some medical issues and could not move the refrigerator inside his house. 

My son and I removed the Samsung refrigerator and moved in the refrigerator he purchased.  We have a 3 or 4 year old Samsung that I could flip (in my area) for about $900 to $1100.  I said, "could" because my wife likes the refrigerator and want to put it in a separate shed we are building.

I will Show You how to Find Used Appliances in Your Neighborhoods, Yard Sales, Auctions and... the FREE Appliances as Well. People will get rid of perfectly working appliances for the strangest reasons; to upgrade to stainless steel, changing the color scheme in their kitchen, etc...

That's where You come in and take those unwanted appliances off their hands and Make an Awesome Profit in the process. Once You learn where and how to find appliances the rest is easy.

Our Course will show you how to troubleshoot, repair, paint and sell them for an awesome profit.

Sell Used Appliance Make $1500 a Week Part Time 600 x 400
Free Samsung Refrigerator! How I got this one for just helping a customer. Read the information on the left. This happens all the time... Free Appliances.
What are the Best Appliances to Sell? And the Ones You Should Avoid!
Sell Used Appliance Washer and Dryer
Along with the Whirlpool Front Load washer dryer set (purchased for $50 each), I was able to purchase the other 3 dryers for $20 to $25 dollar each.  We sell them in my area for about $175, a profit of $140 - $150 per dryer... not bad.
Some Appliances are NOT worth the trouble of picking them up. They are only good for the recycling or scrap yard.

However, there are some Brands that Sell like Hot Cakes! They are also easy to repair and you will want to buy these anytime you come across them.

You will have customers waiting to take them off your hands and will PAY handsomely for them.
How to Easily Make $100 to $250 (Pure Profit) on Average for Each Appliance You Sell. There is More to Selling Appliances than Just Delivery & Setup..
Why Sell Used Appliances? Can I Make a Good Living Doing This?
Yes! You Can Make An Awesome Income by Selling Used Appliances. And if You Operate Your Business with Integrity, You will have MORE Customers than You Can Handle in a Very Short Time. People are Looking to Save Money anyway that can... Used Appliances is just One Answer!

Supply & Demand
Always a Need for Appliances... I will show You How to Find FREE Appliances & How to Buy Very Cheap and Make an Awesome Profit when You Sell...

Red Hot Market
Very Hot Market for Used Appliances & You will Learn How Listing One Appliance will Get You Several Customers wating...

3 Income Streams
3 Additional Income Streams, How to Earn an Extra $35 - $75 per Sale with Services, Parts & Ebay just to Name a Few...

Get Top Dollar
Learn How to Clean, Advertise & Take the Right Pictures will Get the Most for Your Appliance...
Online Appliance Repair Training Tech
Is there too Much Competition is this Business?

**UPDATE** With Sears & Kmart Closing stores all over the country & overseas (projected to close 265 stores this year). Competition is NO problem. In fact, this has open more of the appliance market to you in your local area. Why?

You get NEW Appliances for 30% to 70% discount, that you can sell for an AWESOME Profit! If you have considered Starting Your Own Business in Appliance Repair & Service (take a look at "Our Courses" link above) there is even more money to be made.

There is NO WAY (if done right - we will show you how) the Sell Used Appliances or Appliance Repair & Service can become Saturated... Period!

You can compete with anyone if when you keep your overhead low (work out of your home, garage, shed etc.). Also, as long as there are at least 10-15k people in and around the your area where you live, you will be fine.

If you have a larger poplulation that is even better for you, most small towns have a minimum of 10-15k people need a lot of appliances. Each home has on average 4-5 appliances in it and they are always breaking down & need to be repaired or replaced.

You only need to sell 1 to 2 appliances a day or about 7 to 14 a week to make high paying full time income.


What's in the Membership? Everything You Need to Start a Very Successful Used Appliance Business
How to Start Selling Appliances and Profit from the Start.  You can do this Full-Time, Part-Time or Earn Extra Money... It's that Simple! We don't just teach You How to Sell Appliances.  But, How to Repair the Appliances, How to Grow Your Business, Advertising the Right Way (Free), Where to Find Discount Parts and so much more...,

Step-by-Step Repair Videos on All Major & Small Appliances. How to Repair them the Easy Way

Step-by-Step Repair Videos on All Major & Small Appliances. Washer, Dryers, Refrigerators, Stoves, etc... How to Repair them the Easy Way

PARTS - Wholesale, Discount & No Longer Available (NLA)... SAVE $1000s on Where to Get the Parts You Need, Some you can purchase in a Bundle or Pack for less than at Your Local Parts Supply Stores & at an Awesome Discount & Have them Delivered to Your door step

Some Appliances are not Worth Buying & are Only Good for Scraping for Parts & Selling to Recycling. We Will Show the Ones to Avoid.

APPLIANCE BUYING & SELLING Knowing which Appliances to Buy is Half the Battle. Also, learning what Appliances Sell the Fastest and Easiest will increase Your Income Tremendously!

I Will Show You How to Start with What You Have, Garage, Storage & Some Simple Tools... Start with Minimum Expenses and Grow from there...

Unlimited Lifetime Training & 24/7 Support & Live Chat. We are Available When you Need Us

Household Tools & A Couple of Very Affordable Testing Tools (Multi-meter & Voltage Tester) & How to Use them

A Clean Appliance Sells A Lot Faster than a Dirty Appliance. Learn how to Clean Your Appliances & Paint them to make them much easier to sell.

What payments should You receive and Learn How much should You Charge for Your Appliances Price Chart...
Oh, And the ABSOLUTE Best Part? 2 DISCOUNT Pricing Options are Available!

We hate being locked into high monthly fees and think YOU should be in control of how you spend your money... So, you can choose the plan that is right for you from the start! A Very Affordable Membership that suits YOUR needs and budget without being locked into overpriced half-baked schemes... No Hidden Fees & Life Time Membership!
 Sell Used Appliances and add Repair & Service Provides an Awesome Income!
Get Paid Daily & Residual Income... and You Can Start Today!