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At Cornerstone Appliance Training. we teach the real fundamentals of troubleshooting, diagnosising and repairing appliances that most techs don't have a clue how to...
Learning the basics, fundamentals and advanced skills of the appliance repair industry that are always in high demand, how you can start your own business or choose your own salary.

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What Some of Our Students are Saying...

Since opening the doors of the Cornerstone Appliance Training. We are sharing just some of the great positive feedback from our students as well as business owners who have purchased our training course...

Top Notch Level Course, Especially for the Price of What the Course Cost!
Everywhere else I have looked they are asking $3000 to $7000 for a course like this one and You have to leave home for 3 weeks or more to get the hands on training that Chris at Cornerstone Appliance shows you how to receive that training without leaving your home. My wife wants to move to a smaller city and I contacted Chris to ask him what he thought about it. He gave me...

Joshua J., Business Owner Valdosta, GA

Tired of Driving Trucks and Wanted to Be Home with My Family. After seeing the videos on Youtube and I have been looking for a Small Business that I can stay home with my family and get off the road. I knew this was it. I had a problem trying to watch the videos on my phone while I was on the road and Chris was extremely helpful in solving my problems. I talked to him a couple of times and...

John B., Truck Driver Harrisburg, PA

Heating and Air Condition was my Primary Profession and Income. As You know HVAC is Seasonal.
As I stated above, heating and air condition repair is my primary profession. However, in my area it is only hot for about 6 months and the air condition business comes to a stop.

I had always considered learning another trade to supplement my income and appliance repair was one I had thought about many times.

After talking with Chris I decided to give it a shot. I am truly glad I did. After learning the Appliance Repair Business, I have had a few 4 figure days ($xxxx) and I love the flexibility that will work with my Air Condition Repair Business when it kicks back in with...

Alberto G, HVAC Business Owner Bartlett, TN

I just wanted to Sell Used Appliances and Did not want to make Service Calls at this time.
I talked with Chris and explained to him that I have been selling used appliances on my own. I was having some success, would make a sale here and there. We talked for about 20 minutes or so and I was very impressed with the amount of time he spent explaining more in detail what he suggest that I should do to increase my business. After a couple of weeks I purchased the Selling Used Appliances Course and must say, I am impressed with the details of the course.  Also, I reached out to Chris about a question I had (which was on the weekend) and he responded very quickly.

Michael S., Minneapolis, MN

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