How to Stay Up-to-Date on the Appliance Repair Industry?

Refrigerator Repair Technician Jobs

Up-to-Date Appliance Repair Training

We are constantly developing courses for new appliances…
  • New Appliance Operation
  • New Appliance(s) Troubleshooting & Repair
  • How to become Subject Matter Expert
  • Troubleshooting Shortcuts
  • Course(s) will be added to the Membership

We will add the Appliance Course(s) to the Membership

Our goal is to keep our members up-to-date on new appliances as they hit the market and on update and changes to the appliances that are currently in the Appliance Industry. We advise our members to visit our membership frequently for updates.

Our Suggestion on Becoming an Awesome Technician

Never Stop Learning… Always continue learning & educating yourself on Appliance Repair & Troubleshooting

  • Visit the Cornerstone Appliance Training Membership at least once a week
  • Get a solid foundation on how appliances work
  • Become well versed in troubleshooting, diagnosing circuit boards and fault codes
  • Take a 2 to 3 days a week and watch videos on different appliance brands (especially when you are new to the appliance repair industry)
  • Get familiar with common rinse and repeat repairs (ie. dryer won’t start, washer won’t drain or spin, refrigerator is not cooling, etc…)

How many Models do we Cover? Do we Cover the Newer Models?

As stated above, we are always developing courses for more well-known home appliances covering their operation, troubleshooting and repair. We will make each course available as it is completed. We have an suggestion box in our membership for any appliances that our members would like to see more videos on or have questions about a specific appliance.

While it’s impossible to cover all of the brands and models out there (and there are a lot of different brands). Cornerstone Appliance Training will consistently update our members with new videos and update information as needed to make your appliance repair business grow and become more proficient.

The best way to prepare you to become competent to work on any appliance that you might encounter is to teach the fundamentals of appliance repair.  Once you get the foundation of the fundamentals of appliances, you will become an expert in troubleshooting.

It won’t be long before other techs will contact you when they get stuck on troubleshooting an appliance. If you follow our membership and the suggestions above, you will become the subject matter expert in no time.

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Be Blessed & Be Encouraged!