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Discover Our Self-Paced Online Learning

  • Jump into our sample course to get a feel for our unique online training approach. It’s designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace with a mix of reading, videos, and interactive content. Understand how our courses are structured into modules and units for a thorough learning experience.

Beyond Basic Repair: A Comprehensive Curriculum

  • We’re here to turn you into a well-rounded technician with an engineer’s insight into appliances, an electrician’s skill in circuitry, and a scientist’s logic in troubleshooting. Our training aims to equip you with more than just the basics, preparing you for any repair challenge.

Progress with Confidence: Quizzes and Exams

  • Each of our courses is designed to build your confidence and knowledge step by step. From end-of-unit quizzes to module exams, we ensure you fully grasp the material before moving forward. This sample course will give you a taste of our effective teaching strategy.

What About Hands-On Training?

  • Wondering how to practice your new skills without access to appliances? Master Hands-On Skills Through Detailed Video Guides! Cornerstone Appliance Training goes beyond theory, offering step-by-step instructional videos to enhance your practical skills. Plus, we’ve got you covered on how to find free or inexpensive appliances for practice. Not only will you perfect your repair techniques, but you’ll also learn how to flip these appliances for a profit. It’s more than training—it’s your first step into a profitable side hustle!

  • Achieve Professional Recognition: Get Certified!

    Unlock the door to professional growth and recognition with Cornerstone Appliance Training’s Certification Certificate. Opt for our comprehensive Final Exam and, upon passing, receive a prestigious, sealed certificate mailed directly to you. This tangible mark of achievement not only validates your expertise but also significantly boosts your industry credibility. Stand out in the appliance repair sector with a certification that speaks volumes about your commitment and skill.

  • Launch Your Career with Cornerstone Appliance Training

    • Gain Real-World Expertise Fast: Accelerate your journey to becoming a professional appliance repair technician. Cornerstone Appliance Training offers an immersive learning experience, to equip you with the skills needed for immediate success.

    • Affordable Excellence: Discover the most comprehensive and cost-effective training program online. Our courses provide unparalleled value, ensuring you receive top-quality education and practical experience at an affordable price. No AI content, just real, actionable knowledge.

    • Step into Your Future: It’s time to transform your potential into a thriving career. With our expert-led training, become a sought-after technician with the confidence to start your own business or advance in the field.

    Take Action Now: Don’t wait to start your journey toward a lucrative and fulfilling career. Enroll in Cornerstone Appliance Training today and step confidently into a future filled with opportunity.

NOTE: Images below are Just a small example of what you will received in the course(s), not to mention ALL the updates with our Life-Time membership with Life-Time Updates with ALL the future Appliance Training Videos you will receive as a student!

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Free Online Appliance Training Courses