Troubleshooting Why Your Gas Stove Oven Won’t Heat or Ignite – Top 5 Reasons

In this video, you’ll learn why your gas oven will not heat or what is keeping it from igniting or heating properly. Top 5 reasons your oven is not heating;

1. Faulty Igniter
2. Loose or Burnt Wiring Connection
3. Defective Thermostat
4. Bad Control Board (Oven) or Relay Board
5. Defective Safety Valve

If the top 5 reasons above does not solve your problem. Here are a few more things you should check if your gas oven won’t ignite or heat:
Gas oven’s use one of three types of ignition systems – pilot flame or spark igniter or hot surface igniter.

Check the power supply to the oven’s electronic controls.

Inspect the gas supply line for any kinks or obstructions and verify the manually supply valve is turned on.

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