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Refrigerator Ice Maker Repair – How to Fix Troubleshoot Ice Maker Not Making Ice Whirlpool Kenmore…

In this video you will learn refrigerator repair ice maker and how to fix when it is not making ice by troubleshooting, testing step by step. This ice maker is used in a lot of refrigerator brands like; Whirlpool, Kenmore, Kitchenaid and… Most common problems when ice makers are not making ice are: Refrigerator is Too Warm Blocked or Frozen Fill Tube Defective Water (inlet) Valve Low Water Pressure Defective Door Switch (rare) Defective/Bad Ice Maker In this video you will learn refrigerator repair ice maker and how to fix when it is not making ice by troubleshooting, testing step […]

Refrigerator Repair – How to Fix a Leaking Fridge Not Dispensing Water GE Whirlpool Kenmore Matag

In this video is you will learn Refrigerator Repair, how to fix a fridge that is leaking water inside and will not dispense water. Top 5 reasons why your refrigerator is leaking and Refrigerator Repair – How Troubleshoot and repair a leaking refrigerator. Top 5 reasons a Refrigerator is Leaking Water and What to Check: Clogged or Frozen Drain Lines Damaged Water Inlet Valve Cracked/Damaged Water Tank Assembly Water Filter Installed Incorrectly Cracked or Broken Water Line Residential Appliance Repair Made Easy

Appliance Repair – Stove Repair How to Test Electric Range Infinite Switches Check with

In this Appliance Repair Video you learn Stove Repair on How to test an Electric Range Infinite Switch. When testing an electric stove or range switches to see which one is bad or defective you will need a voltmeter or multimeter. What to check on switches is really not that hard. Top 5 Reasons to Check an Electric Stove Switch is Bad or Faulty: 1. Switch Will Not Turn On 2. Switch Will Not Turn Off 3. Switches only Works on High or Low 4. Indicator Light Stays On 5. Surface Burner Not Heating to Temp

Front Load Washer Repair – LG Washing Machine Leaking Water – How to Fix this Washer Easily

This video will show you how to repair a Front Load Washer that is leaking water. If your Front Load Washing machine is leaking water you will want to watch this video. The LG Front Load Washers will leak water from time to time. In this video I will show one of the most common problems that cause the LG Washing Machine to leak. Top 5 Reasons a Front Load Washer leaks:

Dryer Repair – Dryer Not Heating? or Dryer Not Starting How to Test Thermal Fuse – Gas & Electric Dryers

Dryer Not Heating? or Dryer won’t start? In this video – how to test a thermal fuse that is used in gas dryers & electric dryers. This is probably the most common thermal fuse that you will see in most kenmore, whirlpool and older kitchenaid dryers. Gas Dryers – this thermal fuse is usually inline with the heating circuit. Electric Dryers – this thermal fuse will cause the dryer not to start & is usually blown from restricted air flow.

Refrigerator Repair – Not Cooling or Freezing? How to Test a Compressor Refrigerators

  In this video learn about Refrigerator Repair. How to Test a Compressor in a Refrigerator. Is this the reason the refrigerator is not cooling? You will need a voltmeter or multi-meter for this simple test. You will be able to determine if the compressor is bad or good. I will make another video shortly about how to test a refrigerator compressor relay or overload relay. Refrigerator compressors do fail from time to time. However, most of the time it is the start relay not the compressor.  

Troubleshooting Ice Maker Repair – Sears Kenmore, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid Refrigerator Not Working

Troubleshooting Ice Maker Repair – Sears Kenmore, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid Refrigerator Not Working or Making Ice In this video you will learn ice maker repair. How to Troubleshoot Ice Maker (Sears Kenmore, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, etc) that is not working or making ice. Most people make the mistake of replacing the ice maker without properly troubleshooting the ice maker correctly. Here are the Top 5 or 6 Reasons that an Ice Maker is not working: 1. Refrigerator is too warm 2. Blocked or Frozen Fill Tube 3. Defective Inlet Valve 4. Low Water Pressure 5. Faultly Door Switch 6. Bad or Defective […]

Appliance Repair – Dryer Repair Troubleshooting Testing Circuit Board Error Code.. Easy Fix

In this video you learn appliance repair on how to troubleshoot a dryer that has given an error code and testing a circuit board on a Whirlpool Dryer that will not start. Troubleshooting and repairing dryer with circuit boards can be pretty simple. Most people think you need to learn how to read schematics to repair appliances with circuit boards. This video will show you easy fixes and troubleshooting shortcuts that will save you money and time on repairing almost any appliance.

Refrigerator Repair – Not Cooling Circuit Board Replacement – Frigidaire GE Kenmore

In this video you will learn How to Repair a Refrigerator that is not cooling or freezing. This happens to be a Frigidaire Refrigerator it will work with any refrigerator or appliances. Appliance Tech Pro makes troubleshooting & repairing appliances super easy.. If you have any questions also leave them in the comments, I will try to answer as soon as I can.  

Troubleshooting Why Your Gas Stove Oven Won’t Heat or Ignite – Top 5 Reasons

In this video, you’ll learn why your gas oven will not heat or what is keeping it from igniting or heating properly. Top 5 reasons your oven is not heating; 1. Faulty Igniter 2. Loose or Burnt Wiring Connection 3. Defective Thermostat 4. Bad Control Board (Oven) or Relay Board 5. Defective Safety Valve If the top 5 reasons above does not solve your problem. Here are a few more things you should check if your gas oven won’t ignite or heat: Gas oven’s use one of three types of ignition systems – pilot flame or spark igniter or hot […]