Startup Small Business Appliance Repair - Where Should I Start? How Much Does it Cost?

Online Appliance Repair Training & Courses made easy.  If you are not sure where you should start with your Appliance Training or Business, please watch the video below and get the answers to your questions.  After watching the Startup Appliance Video, please scroll down to the course or membership that best fits your needs. Thanks for taking the time to visit the Cornerstone Appliance Training website.
Perfect Small Business You Can Start
Our Appliance Courses are Self-Paced & Designed for Anyone. From complete Beginners or Seasoned Techs... Employers that have New Techs that they would like to train. We provide all the tools you need, you just need to grab a cup of coffee, turn on your computer and get ready to learn! Our motto is; the "More You Learn" the "More You Earn" & "More Customers = More $$$"
Online Appliance Repair Training
At Cornerstone Appliance Training we teach you the real fundamentals of troubleshooting and diagnostics, this is the real meat and potatoes that most techs don’t yet know (even experienced techs). Here is where you get the in-depth knowledge that other appliance repair training courses don't teach. We recommend everyone, beginners and experienced technicians, should start their journey to mastering appliances here. View Fundamentals Course

$199.95 One Time Payment or $99.97 for 2 Months Interest Free

Online Refrigerator Training Videos & Courses
Learning refrigerator troubleshooting and repair will place you in a highly-profitable, specialized expertise area of appliance repair that is second to none. How refrigerators operate and the common problems which includes all makes and models. You want to learn everything you can about old and modern refrigerators that will make you the one of most sought after techs in your area. View Refrigeration Courses

$199.95 One Time Payment

Members Training Discounts
Membership Discount Options
Includes 2 different membership options; Starter and BusinessPro. Live Tech Support, Life Time Membership, Free Appliance Repair Business Website (20+ Pages) with Free Hosting, Installation & Setup, Free Appliance Repair Job Rate Guide, Free Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Manual (1200+ Pages), 8 Appliance Repair Training Modules, Advertising, Troubleshooting Shortcuts, Appliance Forms, Parts, Tools, Advertising, Free Appliance Tech Pro, Free Warranty Account, etc... Each membership offers it's own separate set of benefits catering to your needs.  View Your Membership Options. 

$83.32 for 6 Months Interest Free or $499.95 One Time Payment

Washing Machines & Dryers Training - Hands on Training Made Easy
Start with the Easiest & Fastest way to learn how to repair appliances with... Washers & Dryers. If Hands on Training is a concern... this is the answer that you have been looking for. This is (in my experience) the most common appliance repair that you will encounter as an Appliance Repair Technician and... it's the easiest to learn in a very short time.   Although, we offer this in our Membership Courses above & Fundamentals of Appliances. 
View Washer & Dryer Appliance Training Course Syllabus

$129.95 One Time Payment

Appliance Repair Marketing Solutions (ARMS) - How Many Leads a Day Do You Want? 1-2, 3-5, 6-10 or more...
Here’s the Fast, Easy, and Most Affordable Solution to Unlimited 100% Appliance Repair Leads. Start Getting As Many Appliance Leads As You Want. How Many Leads do You want a Day? 1 - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 10 or more. For A Very Small One-Time Payment - No Contracts, No Pay Per Lead, No Pay Per Click, No Expensive SEO Monthly Contracts, No Nonsense.
View Unlimited Appliance Repair Leads

Starting $99.95 One Time Payment

Appliance Training Complete Business Bundles
Professional Business Bundles - All in One
Includes all 8 of the above Appliance Training Courses (Fundamentals, Refrigerator Repair, Appliance Tech Pro, Advanced Troubleshooting, Appliance Blue Book, Professional Service, Business Management, Selling Used Appliances), Free Appliance Repair Manual (1200+ Pages), Free Digital Multi-meter (Voltmeter), 2 Professionally Designed Appliance Business Website (1 Appliance Repair 20 Page & 1 Sell Used Appliances 15 Page),Your Professional Appliance Company Video . **BONUS** ARMS Gold Course. You are getting this Complete Package (Limited Time Offer) at unbelievable discount, saving you $700! Purchase the Professional Business Bundles Courses.

Starting $158.32 or One Time Payment Options

Appliance Repair Blue Book - Job Rates Guide

Our Appliance Repair Blue Book - Job Rate Guide makes pricing Major Appliance Repair & Service Jobs Simple & Easy! We provide you with the price charts,appliance forms, invoices, videos & what to charge including parts, time & labor, equipment, predictable  & unpredictable circumstances surrounding specific jobs, inventory management, etc...You will learn; How to Make a $100 to $200 Pure Profit - After Parts & Labor, How to Conduct Your First Service Call - Exact Blue Print, etc... View Appliance Blue Book - Job Rates Guide

$124.95 One Time Payment

Online Appliance Training Videos & Schools
Advanced Troubleshooting
Raise the bar on your appliance troubleshooting and schematic skills. You will need this course if you are planning to repair the newer appliances with electronic control boards and computers in the consoles/panels. Don't get stuck in the dinosaur age of disassembling appliances and guessing at the problem. Stand out from the average appliance technician. View Advanced Troubleshooting Course

Starting $84.97 for 2 Months or $169.95 One Time Payment

Best Business Management Courses
Business Management Course
Our Business Management training shows you how to successfully structure and run your appliance business. From , pricing your services, parts inventory and management advertising and marketing, appliance forms, scheduling service calls, how to make appointments, etc.. You'll gain the knowledge to start and grow your appliance repair business from A to Z. View Business Management Course

 Starting $62.47 for 2 Months or $124.95 One Time Payment

Appliance Repair | Appliance Repair Training
Appliance Tech Pro (ATP)
Appliance Tech Pro is the answer to troubleshooting & repairing all major appliances. The #1 problem with most technicians is troubleshooting appliances correctly... the first time! Do you want to learn how to repair Appliances or Start Your Own Appliance Business... this is for you! If you are serious definitely in 30 Days or Less… No More Guessing! Get the answer you need in a matter of a minute or two... view Appliance Tech Pro

$124.95 or Free in BusinessPro, Fundamentals Course & PBB

Need an Appliance Repair Business Website for Your Company
Need an Appliance Repair Business Website? No Problem! Here is a 20 Page Professionally Designed and already Optimized for the Appliance Repair Business with FREE Setup, Installation and 6 Months FREE Hosting.

You won't find more professionally designed website for this price on the internet ANYWHERE! You can choose the Website Only Option or the Course with FREE Website Option.

Choose the option that best fits your needs. Take a look at your example website below..


 $149.95 or Free with All of Our Memberships

Why Should You Choose Our Appliance Repair Courses?

We Have Designed And Delivered A Custom Appliance Repair Training Solution Centered Around Your Training Needs And Requirements.

We offer a comprehensive Training Course whereby you are able to learn, grow and discuss your training requirements with dedicated training experts who has the knowledge and the experience to assist you should you need our help at anytime.

We also offer a variety of practice quizzes and module exams about the specific Appliance Training requirements of different appliances that you will encounter as you learn to troubleshoot & repair major home appliances, as well as continuous updated course materials and step-by-step videos covering modern appliances.

Cornerstone Appliance Training Repair Certification Certificate
All students after completing the Cornerstone Appliance Training Membership(s) or Course(s) that want to earn (not required to start your appliance business) our Appliance Repair Certification Certificate(s) will have opportunity to do so. You must meet the Course Standards by taking the Final Exam and passing it with a score of 90% or higher.  Don't worry we will teach you everything you need to know by taking practice quizzes & exams until you are ready to take the Final Exam.