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Do You Want to know How to Start a Business You Can Be Proud Of & Get the Training Your Are Looking for without feeling Lost in Technical Terms & Jargon that is only used to Confuse You and over Complicate the Appliance Repair Business (We Keep it Simple & Easy to Understand without Sacrificing Knowledge & Professionalism) without Spending $1000s… and You Can Start Today!

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Start a Small Business Fast

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Completely Done-for-You Residential Appliance Repair Training Courses… Our Online Appliance Training Courses delivers training that is Flexible, Affordable, and Up-to-Date. You receive Top Notch training and Learn a Skill that is Always in Demand! Why Not Start a Career and learn a Very Lucrative Trade for You & Your Family.


10 Fears That Will Keep You From Starting an Awesome, Lucrative & Rewarding Business… How We Show You How to Overcome Them & How to Be Very Successful from the Start…
Not Knowing Where to Start? We Show You How to Start a Very Successful Business from Day One (some of our students have started in 30 days or less)
  • Not Being Adequately Trained (feeling unprepared). NO Experience – NO Problem, We Start You with the Easiest Appliances… First!! And We Offer Live Tech Support. We Are There When You Need Us.
  • Not Getting Enough Business or Customers. Free Professionally Designed & Optimized (20 Page) Website that we host, create, install & setup for your coverage area. Free Warranty Company & Free Advertising Tips & Tricks.
  • Need More Appliance Jobs/Leads? We have the solution… Appliance Repair Marketing Solutions (ARMS). Choose How Many Appliance Jobs You Want a Day… 1 – 2, 3 – 5, 6 -10 or more.
  • Modern Appliances are Too Complicated/Difficult? We have made it Simple & Easy with our Step-by-Step videos, materials, Appliance Training Manual (1200+ pages), Live Tech Support, Appliance Tech Pro, etc..
  • Cost A Lot of Money to Get Started ? (Look at How I Got Started with a 1994 Ford Pickup Truck) NO, We teach you to Start with What You Have and Few Extra Tools. You Don’t Need Expensive Tools, Don’t Buy a Van (unless you already have one), etc… You can start with as little as a $200 to $300 dollars.
  • Afraid of Failing Myself or My Family. If you follow our course & training… Failure is NOT an option. Also, You can do this Part-Time (test the business) or Full Time… it’s up to you! If you have a job. Don’t Quit… Yet!! This business will replace your job extremely fast (if you apply yourself).
  • How Much Money Can I Make?! That’s really up to you. However, we can show you how to make “$65,000 to $80,000” the First Year. We have students that have made over $100,000 their First Year!
  • Too Much Competition. There is NEVER too much competition, if you conduct your business the way that we teach you. Follow 4 Simple Rules: 1. Integrity 2. Professionalism 3. Fair Pricing 4. Customer Service. We will show You how to do them correctly.
A Very Successful Appliance Repair Business is Easy… If? You have the right Mentor (Cornerstone Appliance Training LLC), have an easy to follow course/membership (All of our courses are Life-time) and Apply Yourself… You Will Be Successful!!


What's in the Cornerstone Appliance Training Course? What's included in the Membership?

8 Training Modules (Course Materials & Membership Videos), Online Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Step-by-Step Videos, Free Major Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Manual (1200+ pages), Free Digital Mult-meter (Voltmeter) in PBB, Appliance Repair Starter Kit Course with Cornerstone Course Syllabus Mailed to Your Address
You will have Instant Access to the Cornerstone Appliance Training Online Membership Course(s) Step-by-Step Videos training, Module Practice Exams & You will Receive the Course Materials within 7 to 10 Business Days that Contains the Course Outline of the 8 Modules, Major Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Manual, Course Orientation, Appliance Repair Starter Kit with Essential Instructions on How Get to Started with Your Appliance Training Career…

Online Appliance Repair Training has Never Been Easier... Everything You Need in One Place! Our "All-in-One" Appliance Training

How Does it Work? How to Become a Professionally Trained, Certified & Competent Appliance Technician?

We offer a Certification Certificate (it is NOT mandatory) for all of our Appliance Training Modules & Memberships. We have Practice Test throughout our Courses & Memberships to get you better prepared to take the Final Exam… don’t worry we will teach you what you need to know.

We are always adding Additional Courses. For now the 8 Main Courses offer many in-depth Modules and Units and the material is continually updated to keep things current to changes in technology, as appropriate.

Refrigerator Repair Training Courses

Our Appliance Training Course(s) teaches you all the essential Basic & Advanced skills that technicians need to repair all makes and models of modern appliances. You will learn where most technicians have not been trained to do; troubleshoot & repair or got left behind in updating their appliance training. We enhance those skills in all of the major appliances like; Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges, Ovens, Microwaves with our Troubleshooting and Repair Videos and Course Material..

What are You Looking For? Already a Technician & Want to Earn More Money? Working for Someone or Another Company? Looking to Start Your Own Company? But, don’t Know How? NO Problem… it’s in the Course!

For the Experienced Technicians, All You  May Need is the Business Management Course(s) or Advanced Troubleshooting, ie Advertising, Marketing, Website, Appliance Forms, Appliance Repair Blue Book, etc… We Have What You Need and Will Provide any Assistance You Require Until Your Appliance Business is Up, Running and Successful… A Completely Done-for-You Appliance Business Startup Solution…

Done-for-You Home Appliance Repair Business Just Copy and Paste…

Over 11 Years of a Very Successful Business and Counting… You Get Everything from A to Z & Unlimited Lifetime Free Updates, Coaching, Inside Trade Secrets, Advanced Training & Tips to Grow Your Appliance Business Faster…

What Some of Our Students are Saying…

Since opening the doors of the Cornerstone Appliance Training. We are sharing just some of the great positive feedback from our students as well as business owners who have purchased our training course…

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