Refund Policy

All students are entitled to a full (No Hassel) Refund within 3 Days , if they drop out prior to actually learning the course material (ie step-by-step videos, appliance business forms, recommended material, Free Appliance Training Manual, etc..).

Why is the Refund Policy Only 3 Days? Unlike the other Appliance Training Courses, we have a TRUE SELF-PACE Course(s) or Membership(s).  Most (if NOT All) other Appliance Training Courses are what is known as “Drip Feed”.  You can ONLY continue training after a certain number of days or after passing menial exams.

NOT with Cornerstone Appliance Training LLC. You have FULL Access of ALL Appliance Training Modules from “Day 1”. You have 24/7 Access to Your Course or Membership Level.  You can go as Fast or as Slow as you need to.

Cancellations after 3 Days from the purchase date will not result in a refund. Unfortunately, because of a few dishonest individuals that only want to take advantage of the Self Pace Courses & download course materials. We had to change our Refund Policy.

If you have a problem with the Cornerstone Appliance Training Course. Please feel free to contact us immediately via Live Chat, Email, Phone (800)215-5495 or (901) 387-7525 or via mail: Cornerstone Appliance Training Attn: Privacy Policy, P.O. Box 231, Arlington, TN 38002.


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