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Our Refrigerator Repair Training Courses

What You Learn... How to Troubleshoot & Repair Refrigerators... with Ease!
  • Refrigerator Principles of Operation
  • Common Problems You will See & How to Repair It
  • Refrigerator Ice makers
  • Refrigerator Defrost System & it's Components
  • Compressor Troubleshooting
  • Simple Step-by-Step Techniques to Repairing Modern Refrigerators

You will Learn Refrigerator Basics. How to Troubleshoot & Repair New & Old Refrigerators...

Once you have mastered washers, dryers, ovens, stoves dishwashers, etc... which are fairly easy.  It's time to add to your income and your appliance repair skills.

Refrigerators are the next appliance you want to master. At first glance, refrigerator repair training can seem to be a bit of a challenge.  However, if you follow the simple step-by-step videos & course material.  You will learn to troubleshoot and repair refrigerators with ease.

Refrigerators are extremely profitable appliances to work on, and they are the appliance with the highest demand for knowledge, expertise and skill. Which of course means more business, more customers and... More $$$ for You!

In this refrigerator repair training course, we provide all the tools you will need, we just require you apply yourself, take the Cornerstone Appliance Training Course and get ready to learn!

What's in the Refrigerator Repair Training Courses?

In this course you will learn principles of operation, common problems, troubleshooting and repairing refrigerators, to include ice makers, defrost systems, compressors and... Everything you need to know to repair all types & models of refrigerators, old school and modern.
Course Syllabus:
Module 5 - Refrigerator Training Course

How to Use the Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repair Course
Unit 1 - Welcome to the CATC Refrigerator Training Course

Unit 2 - How to Use the CATC Course Materials
Chapter 1 - Refrigerator Principles of Operation

Understanding the Basic Refrigeration Cycle; Components of a Refrigeration System.
Unit 1 - Refrigerator Operational Overview

Unit 2 - Refrigerator Cycle Overview

Unit 3 - Properties of Refrigerants

Unit 4 - Refrigerator Air Distribution Systems

Unit 5 - Refrigerator Temperature Controls System

Unit 6 - Refrigerator Defrost Systems

Unit 7 - Sealed System Components: Condensers & Compressors

Unit 8 - Split-phase Compressors and their Start Devices

Unit 9 - Refrigerator Principles of Operation Exam
Chapter 2 - Refrigerator Common Problems & Troubleshooting

Common Problems with Refrigerators; Troubleshooting & Repair
Unit 1 - The Basics on How to Troubleshoot Refrigerators

Unit 2 - Evaporator Frost Patterns & How to Troubleshoot

Unit 3 - Troubleshooting Strategies for Warm Refrigerator Complaints

Unit 4 - Troubleshooting Freezing in Fresh Food Compartments

Unit 5 - Troubleshooting Ice, Frost, and Condensation Problems in Refrigerators

Unit 6 - Troubleshooting Compressors in Refrigerators

Unit 7 -Common Problems and Troubleshooting Exam
Chapter 3 - Refrigerator Ice maker, Dispensers & Compressor Repairs

This module covers the Basics of ice makers, dispensers, and refrigerator compressor repairs.
Unit 1 - Refrigerator Ice Maker Basics

Unit 2 - Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser Basics

Unit 3 - Refrigerator Sealed System Basic Skills

Unit 4 -Replacing & Repair the Compressor

Chapter 4 - Resources for Continuing Education and Final Exam

How to keep up with the Changing Technology in Refrigerators. Getting help when you need it.
Unit 1 - Resources for Continuing Education

Unit 2 - Refrigerator Course Final Exam

Certification Certificate - Refrigerator Training Course

Final Exam - to receive the Certification Certificate must score a passing grade of 90% or higher.
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