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Are you looking for a New High Paying Career?! Do you want to Learn a New Skill Trade that can make over $100,000 a Year or More... Where you choose when you work? Where you live? How much you make a day, week, month or year?!

Real “Hands on Training” Appliance Repair Training School. We are proud to Present the Simplest, Easiest and most Affordable In-Person Training… BONUS: You Get Our Appliance Repair Training Online Self-Pace Course with Lifetime Membership & Lifetime Updates!!

Cornerstone Appliance Training Real “Hands on Training” that will equip you with the confidence & necessary skills to troubleshoot and repair appliances or Start a Very Successful Appliance Repair Business from Day 1. 

Thank You for Joining the Cornerstone in Appliance Training School...

We TRULY appreciate you inquiring about our “Hands on Training” and for giving us the opportunity to train you and make you a much better & confident Appliance Technician.  We look forward to meeting each one of our students in person.

**School ReLocation**:  Cornerstone Appliance Training School, 13274 Hwy 51 N. Suite #5, Atoka, TN 38004 (about 35 minutes North East of Memphis, TN)

Attire: because this is “Hands on Training”. We recommend comfortable clothing (ie Jeans & T-Shirt, Sweats, etc.)

Airport: Memphis International 

Transportation:  If you need transportation from Memphis International to one of the Hotels listed below. We recommend Memphis Shuttle Services. They provide transportation everyday 24/7. 

Who is This for? What We Can Offer You

At Cornerstone Appliance Training,  we have developed a one-week & weekend training (for those that just specific appliance training) simple, easier method  training program training course that will equip you with the confidence and necessary skills to own and operate your own appliance repair business.  With a mix of classroom teaching, hands-on training, and certified testing, that will prepare you or your new employee to troubleshoot & repair today’s modern appliances with ease.

What's in the Cornerstone Appliance School "Hands on Training" Course?

Fundamentals of Appliance Repair

This is our foundation course, the place where most technicians, even those with experience, begin their journey towards mastering the appliance repair industry.
Once you learn the Fundamentals of how to Repair, Troubleshoot & Diagnose Appliances… the Rest is Easy!

Gas & Electric Dryers

  • Gas & Electric Dryers
  • Principles of Operation
  • Walk through how an electric and gas dryer work using the wiring diagram
  • Installation of product; venting, electrical, and plumbing requirements
  • Importance of proper airflow
  • Learn about each alternative to a traditional vent
  • Steam dryers and how they work
  • Gas burners and controls, troubleshooting

Top Load & Front Load Washers

  • Principles of Operation of Washers
  • Installation and electrical and plumbing requirements
  • Disassemble/reassemble a stator designed washer
  • Learn the major differences between front and top load designs
  • Boot/bellow removal/installation
  • Put each design in a diagnostic mode, if applicable
  • Disassemble/reassemble a complete front load washer
  • Electrical circuit including mechanical and electronic controls

Stove/Oven Training

  • Gas & Electric Stoves
  • Principles of Operation
  • How to Troubleshoot & Repair Stoves Simple & Easy
  • Bake and broil elements
  • Infinite switches and electronic oven and surface unit controls
  • Self cleaning systems
  • Properly determine the interior oven temperature
  • Types of ignition systems that are found in gas ranges


Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repair

  • Principles of Operation of Refrigeratos
  • Top mount, side by side, and french door refrigerators
  • Electronic and mechanical defrost systems
  • Proper electrical and plumbing requirements
  • Ice makers & water and ice dispensers
  • Electronic controls using thermistors to monitor temperature
  • Diagnosing sealed system issues
  • Properly Diagnosing Defrost System
  • Fast, efficient, and safe way to defrost evaporator coils

Appliance Electrical Theory

  • Basic Electricity
  • How to Understand Electricity: Volts, Amps, Watts and Electrical Appliances
  • Learn how to properly use a digital meter for appliance repair
  • Understand how electricity moves through a home and through each appliance
  • Learn about switches and the different types that can be found in appliances
  • Learn how to understand and read wiring diagrams
  • Understand how to properly check for power going to 120 and 240 volt appliances with just your meter

Business Management Course

Our Business Management training shows you how to successfully structure and run your appliance business.
From pricing your services, parts inventory and management advertising and marketing, appliance forms, scheduling service calls, how to make appointments, etc..

Successful Appliance Business

How to Operate a Profitable Appliance Repair Business… from the Start! Business Startup – Business License, Cards, Advertising, Customer Satisfaction, Make Appointments, Service Calls, How to Get Paid, Invoice, Price Chart, Cheap Business Insurance, etc…



What Some of Our Students are Saying…

Since opening the doors of the Cornerstone Appliance Training. We are sharing just some of the great positive feedback from our students as well as business owners who have purchased our training course…

Live Technical Telephone Support… When You Need it

No Better Feeling than Being able to Provide for You & Your Family - We Can Help You Achieve That!
"Have a Blessed Day"
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