Appliance Repair Training School Online Courses, Prices & How to Start?

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Appliance Repair School Online Training
Hands on Appliance Repair Training
Appliance Repair Training and Certification

**NOTE** NO, You DO NOT Purchase Each Course or Membership. You ONLY Purchase the one that Fits Your Needs Or Choose One of Our Appliance Training Bundles  or Business Bundles & Get ALL of the Courses in One Package… That’s It!!

Our Appliance Courses are Self-Paced & Designed for Anyone. From complete Beginners or Seasoned Techs… Employers that have New Techs that they would like to train. We provide all the tools you need, you just need to grab a cup of coffee, turn on your computer and get ready to learn! Our motto is; the “More You Learn” the “More You Earn” & “More Customers = More $$$”

Appliance Training Courses & Memberships – Looking for Appliance Training Only to Become an Appliance Tech, for Your Company Techs (Beginners, Experienced, Seasoned, etc.) or Additional Appliance Training etc. Choose the Course that Best Fits Your Needs Below:

Appliance Repair Training - Fundamentals of Appliances Course

Fundamentals of Appliances - ALL in One Bundles (All Appliances Included)

Why Pay for One Appliance Training Course at a Time (SAVE a $1000 or more)? At Cornerstone Appliance Training “Fundamentals of Appliances Course – You get ALL Appliances Training courses, videos, materials, Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Manual in ONE PLACE such as; Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Stoves, Ovens, Microwaves, etc. Here we teach you the real fundamentals of troubleshooting, diagnosics and repair, this is the real techniques & skills needed that most techs don’t yet know (even experienced techs). Here is where you get the in-depth knowledge that other appliance repair training courses don’t teach. We recommend everyone, beginners and experienced technicians, should start their journey to mastering appliances here. View Fundamentals Course

$494.95 One Time Payment or $247.48 for 2 Months Interest Free

Appliance Repair Training School - Advanced Appliance Troubleshooting Course

Advanced Troubleshooting & Repair - ALL Appliances Included

Learn some simple Advanced Troubleshooting & Repair tips and techniques that will help solve some of the difficult issues that might arise when repairing Major Appliances such as; Refrigerators, Washer & Dryers, Ovens, Dishwashers, Stoves, etc. These techniques have SAVED us TIME and Money more often that we can count. 


(Limited Time Offer) Free in Our Fundamentals of Appliances Course Bundles

**NEW** All in One Bundles- Your Complete Business in a Box

Start Your Own Business + All Appliance Training Courses + Free Advertising with Appliance Repair Marketing Solutions (ARMS) Memberships Bundles – Want to Start Your Own Business with Your Appliance Training has Never Been Easier! We recommend our Most Popular Membership(s) Bundles Packages that has EVERYTHING You Need Below: Starter, BusinessPro & Professional Business Bundle

Start Your Own Appliance Business + Fundamentals of Appliances with ALL Appliances + Business Management Software + Marketing Package with this Membership Bundles (Most Popular)

What’s in the Membership? ALL Appliances Training (Fundamentals of Appliances included Above). Also Includes 2 different membership options; Starter and BusinessPro. Live Tech Support, Life Time Membership, Free Appliance Repair Business Website (20+ Pages) with Free Hosting, Installation & Setup, Free Appliance Repair Job Rate Guide, Free Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Manual (1200+ Pages), 8 Appliance Repair Training Modules, Advertising, Troubleshooting Shortcuts, Appliance Forms, Parts, Tools, Advertising, Free Appliance Tech Pro, Free Warranty Account, etc… Each membership offers it’s own separate set of benefits catering to your needs. View Your Membership Options.

$599.95 One Time Payment or $299.97 for 2 Months Interest Free or $99.99 for 6 Months Interest Free

Professional Business Bundles – Includes Up To 3 Techs (Business Owner + 2 = 3)
Fundamentals of Appliances with ALL Appliances + Business Management Software + Marketing  Package with this Membership Bundle

This Bundle Includes Up to 3 Appliance Techs (Business Owner + 2 = 3), 8 of the above Appliance Training Courses (Fundamentals, Refrigerator Repair, Appliance Tech Pro, Advanced Troubleshooting, Appliance Blue Book, Professional Service, Business Management, Selling Used Appliances), Free Appliance Repair Manual (1200+ Pages), Free Digital Multi-meter (Voltmeter),  Professionally Designed Appliance Business Website (Appliance Repair 20 Page), Your Professional Appliance Company Video ($185 Value) . **BONUS** ARMS Gold Course ($400 Value). 2 Additional Appliance Techs Enrollment ($500 Value). You are getting this Complete Package (Limited Time Offer) at unbelievable discount, saving you over a $1000! Purchase the Professional Business Bundles Courses.

$216.32 a Month Interest Free

Don’t Need One of the Training Bundles?! Choose Your Specific Appliance Repair Training Courses – Looking for Appliance Training Only to Become an Appliance Tech, for Your Company Techs (Beginners, Experienced, Seasoned, etc.) or Additional Appliance Training etc. Choose the Course that Best Fits Your Needs Below:

Appliance Repair Training School Online

Refrigerator Training

Learning refrigerator troubleshooting and repair will place you in a highly-profitable, specialized expertise area of appliance repair that is second to none. How refrigerators operate and the common problems which includes all makes and models. You want to learn everything you can about old and modern refrigerators that will make you one of most sought after techs in your area. View Refrigeration Courses

$299.95 Only One Time Payment… Free In Our “Fundamentals of Appliances Course”

Appliance Repair Training Made Easy

Washing Machines & Dryers Training - Hands on Training Made Easy + FREE Appliance Business Website (Limited Time Offer)

Start with the Easiest & Fastest way to learn how to repair appliances with… Washers & Dryers. If Hands on Training is a concern… this is the answer that you have been looking for. This is (in my experience) the most common appliance repair that you will encounter as an Appliance Repair Technician and… it’s the easiest to learn in a very short time. Although, we offer this in our Membership Courses above & Fundamentals of Appliances. View Washer & Dryer Training Courses Syllabus

$199.95 Only One Time Payment… Free In Our “Fundamentals of Appliances Course”

Appliance Repair Training Fundamentals Courses

Oven & Stove/Range Repair Training Made Easy

Learning oven and stove repair troubleshooting and repair is highly-profitable, specialized expertise area of appliance repair. Our training will give you the confidence you need to tackle any any oven and range problem. Gas, electric, microwaves,  induction etc. Get better training. FASTER. Save your time and your money.

$199.95 Only One Time Payment… Free In Our “Fundamentals of Appliances Course”

**Bonus** Appliance Tech Pro – Makes Troubleshooting All Major Appliances… Simple & Easy! Free with All of Our “Start a Business” memberships & All of Our “Plus” memberships.

Appliance Tech Pro (ATP)

Appliance Tech Pro is the answer to troubleshooting & repairing all major appliances. The #1 problem with most technicians is troubleshooting appliances correctly… the first time! Do you want to learn how to repair Appliances or Start Your Own Appliance Business… this is for you! If you are serious  you can start earning income in 30 Days or Less. No More Guessing! Get the answer you need in a matter of a minute or two… view Appliance Tech Pro

Free Available Only in BusinessPro, Fundamentals Course Plus, Professional Business Bundle & Washer & Dryer Plus

Appliance Repair Leads & Marketing – Need More Customers, Appliance Leads, Appliance Jobs Yourself or Your Company?! No Problem… We Can Help. Appliance Repair Blue Book – Pricing Guide, Professionally Designed (20 Page Website), Created, Hosted & Installed for Free with Our Start a Business Courses & Memberships. Or You Can Purchase the Website Only.

Appliance Repair Marketing & Leads Generation Package + SEO with One Time Setup - How Many Leads a Day Do You Want? 1-2, 3-5, 6-10 or more...NO More Pay Per Lead. Unlimited Appliance Leads Starting at $15 a Day...

Here is the Fast, Easy, and Most Affordable Solution to Unlimited 100% Appliance Repair Leads. Start Getting As Many Appliance Leads As You Want a Day. How to Get 10 Free Leads a Week. For A Very Small One-Time Payment – NO Contracts, NO Pay Per Lead, NO Expensive SEO Monthly Contracts, NO Nonsense. Unlimited 100% Exclusive High Quality Appliance Leads… Starting at $15 a Day. SAVE $1000s… EVEN 10s of $1000s over time!
View Unlimited Appliance Repair Leads

Starting at $399.95 ($400) Only One Time Payment Or Free in Our All in One Bundles Above

Appliance Repair Blue Book - Pricing Guide

Our Appliance Repair Blue Book – Pricing Guide makes pricing Major Appliance Repair & Service Jobs Simple & Easy! We provide you with the price charts,appliance forms, invoices, videos & what to charge including parts, time & labor, equipment, predictable & unpredictable circumstances surrounding specific jobs, inventory management, etc…You will learn; How to Make a $125 to $200 or more… Pure Profit – After Parts & Labor, How to Conduct Your First Service Call – Exact Blue Print, etc… View Appliance Blue Book – Pricing Guide

$149.95 Only One Time Payment

Free Available Only in BusinessPro, Fundamentals Course Plus, Professional Business Bundle & Washer & Dryer Plus

Business Management Course + Field Service Management Software

Our Business Management Course + Field Service Management Software **Everything You Need For Your Appliance Business** Scheduling & Dispatching, Jobs Management, Close More Jobs & Get Paid Faster, Inventory Management, Online Booking & Follow ups, On My Way Texting, Mobile Apps – Get Admin work done on the go during the day, So that you don’t have to work long evenings getting caught up.  Job Assignments – Assign jobs by service areas based on the distance from job locations and available techs and So Much More… View Business Management Course. View Business Management Course

$199.95 Only One Time Payment

Free in Starter, BusinessPro & Professional Business Bundles

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Plan Should I Choose?

What are Your Goals? Do you plan to Start Your Own Appliance Repair Business? Then you should click on “Membership Discount Options” link (3rd image from the top). Our 3 membership plans are; Starter (for those on a tight budget), BusinessPro (most popular & one time payment) or Professional Business Bundle – All in One (for the owner & another tech with many additional bonuses).

Appliance Training Only – I would recommend the “Fundamentals of Appliances” course. This course has ALL of the major appliances training, videos, materials, Free 1200+ Page Troubleshooting & Repair Appliance Manual, Appliance Tech Pro, etc…

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Courses or Memberships?

That’s Totally Up to You. Our courses and memberships are a TRUE Online Self-Pace Course. What that means to you is that we don’t DRIP Feed our content. For those of you that don’t know what Drip Feed means. Drip Feed is when you only get access to the course or membership you purchased little by little, which is determined by the owner of the company. NOT so with us, YOU are in TOTAL control of how slow or fast you will complete the course.

Course Completion Average Time Frame:

Fundamentals of Appliances: Full Time – 3 to 5 Weeks or 40 – 75 Hours or Part Time –  4 – 6 Weeks or 60 to 85 Hours

Refrigerator Repair: Full Time 2 – 3 Weeks or 25 to 40 Hours & Part Time – 3 to 5 Weeks or 30 to 45 Hours

Washer and Dryer Training: Full Time – 2 to 3 Weeks or 20 – 30 Hours & Part Time – 3 to 4 Weeks or 30 to 45 Hours

Complete Course (BusinessPro Bundles or Professional Business Bundles): Full Time – 45 to 60 Days or 50 – 75 Hours & Part Time – 60to 90 Days or 60 – 85 Hours (Note: Learn How to Start Earning in 2 Weeks or Less)

Advanced Troubleshooting: Full Time – 2 to 3 Weeks or 20 – 30 Hours & Part Time – 3 to 4 Weeks or 25 to 40 Hours

Do I Receive a Certification Certificate When I Complete a Course or Membership?

All of Our Appliance Training Course & Memberships Have Certification Certificate Options. Anyone can receive a Certification Certificate when they meet the requirements of passing the Practice Exams inside the course of 80% or higher.u00a0 After you have met that goal, then you send us a request to take the Final Exam. You must score a 90% or higher on the Final Exam to receive your Certification Certificate.

Hands on Training – How Can I Get Hands on Training Before I Start Repairing Appliances?

We provide several solutions that will enable you to get the Hands on Training that you desire or need. Our Appliance Training videos are so easy, simple and step-by-step that most of students are confident after watching our videos that they can go on service calls and start troubleshooting, disassemble, assemble and repair appliances with no problem. However, we understand that some of you would rather at least practice troubleshooting, disassemble and disassembling appliances before you go to the customers house for the first time. See Our Hands On Training Page for More Details.

Can I Purchase an Appliance Training Course and Then Upgrade & Receive Credit for the Course That I Purchased?

When You Purchase Any of Our Courses or Memberships You Receive Credit. Yes, you will receive credit when you purchase one of our Appliance Training Course or Memberships toward your next purchase. For Example, if you decide to purchase the “Fundamentals of Appliance” course ($324.95) and you decide at a later date to purchase the “BusinessPro” Membership Bundles ($599.95). You will only pay the balance of $275 ($549.95 – $324.95=$275)

How Much Support Can I Expect to Receive?

We Have Live Tech Support, Live Chat & Email. Our Live Tech Support is for those who purchase one of our memberships.u00a0 We provide very deep support and are able to help resolve most troubleshooting and repair issues. Also, our course is so easy to follow and that we have created several programs within our membership such as; Appliance Tech Pro, Harnessing Technology, etc.. Most of our students (once they learn to use these tools) rarely need our help.

Who Will Benefit From This Appliance Training Course?

Our Courses are Designed for Beginners & Seasoned Appliance Technicians. We have 8 Training Modules, materials, programs, practice test, videos, troubleshooting and repair, etc.. that will benefit any and all Appliance Repair Techs. Our courses are constantly updated and will continue to be.As you already know in this industry, you never stop learning.

Can You Really Start a Business with What We Offer in Our Membership(s)?

Anyone That Wants to Start an Appliance Repair Business. We provide EVERYTHING you need from Complete Run Your Own Business Software, a Free 20 Page Professionally Designed & Optimized (Value of $1500 to $2000), Free Installation, Free Setup, Free Hosting for 6 months, Appliance Forms, 1200+ Page Appliance Manual, Parts, Tools, Advertising, Tax Info, Start Kit, Phone Blue Print, etc… You will receive a Complete Business in a Bundle. Lastly, we teach you how to CRUSH your competition and how to be SUCCESSFUL from Day 1.

Cornerstone Appliance Training Repair Certification Certificate

All students after completing the Cornerstone Appliance Training Membership(s) or Course(s) that want to earn (not required to start your appliance business) our Appliance Repair Certification Certificate(s) will have opportunity to do so. You must meet the Course Standards by taking the Final Exam and passing it with a score of 90% or higher.u00a0 Don’t worry we will teach you everything you need to know by taking practice quizzes & exams until you are ready to take the Final Exam.

Appliance Certification Certificate

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