Perfect Small Business Appliance Repair Make Money 2021

Yes, you can really make money with your Appliance Repair Business. And yes you can really make $65,000 the 1st Year if you follow 7 simple steps. You are asking the wrong question.

The question is NOT can you make $65,000 the First Year or more. But, How to make money (65K) with your Appliance Repair Business?
The next big question is just how much money do you want to make and how much work is involved. While most of you won’t make $65,000 the 1st year is NOT because it is not possible, but that you have believed the LIE!

You have been convinced that you can’t do it.
You are listening to and watching other people tell you that it is not possible, because they did not do it. You have the WRONG mindset.

Follow these 7 Simple Steps to Success:

  1. Drive & Right Mindset
  2. Job Rate Guide – without overcharging
  3. Customers – How to Get a Flood of New Customers
  4. Advertising – All you need is a 1 Piece Marketing… ARMS
  5. Website – Professional with SEO
  6. Appointment – How to book 85% to 90% the first time
  7. Professional – Be Know Do

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