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This Part of the Course was designed to help those of you that are Beginners & Seasoned Appliance Techs with first time jitters.  We have been getting a lot students that are nervous about arriving at the customers house and NOT knowing how to do the following; Disassemble, Re-Assemble, Where the Part is located on/in the Appliance, Find the Appliance Diagram, Remove the Part(s) without Breaking or Damaging the Appliance and so much more…
Like An Experience Appliance Tech Pro..
We are providing you one of the sources that EVERY Appliance Tech should learn to use that will make them look like a 20 – 30 year Appliance Tech Pro with ANY Appliance… even though they have NEVER seen or have Hands-On-Training on this particular Appliance…
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Here are Step-by-Step Videos on Common Problems and Quick Fixes by Brands to Repair and to Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair Quickly… Once You Use the Schedule Sheet & Ask the Right Questions… You will soon learn this is a Rinse & Repeat Business… Easy Repair = Satisfied Customer & Easy Money!!

Harnessing Technology Makes Any Appliance Repair Super Easy… Take a Look!!!

Front Load Washer Basics – Disassemble & Assemble – Week 2
Front Load Washer Won’t Spin – Top 5 Reasons
Front Load Washer Making Noise – Top 5 Reasons
Front Load Washer Won’t Fill – Top 5 Reasons
Front Load Washer Will Not Wash or Agitate – Top 5 Reasons
Front Load Washer is Leaking Water – Top 5 Reasons
Front Load Washer Water Inlet Valve – Top 5 Reasons
Front Load Washer Will not Start, Door Will Not Lock, Washer Will Not Drain, Washer Will Not Spin, Making Noise in Spin Cycle etc…
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This will be a tremendous help in getting your repairs down to 15 to 20 minutes…
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