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Stand Out from the Competition. 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text. 57% of customers say video increases their confidence in a business. Including video on your site increases chances of a first page ranking by 53 times, and gets 41% more clicks. Website conversions improve by nearly 300% when a high-quality video is embedded on the page.

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Here are Step-by-Step Videos on Appliance Repair Basic(s). We Recommend You View the Videos in the Order they are Numbered. It will make it Easier & Faster to Learn the Appliance Repair Business – Watch the Videos as Often As Needed and Don’t forget to Check Back for Updates…
Video 1 – Business Management & Setup – Day to Day Operation
Business License, Forms, Invoices, Business Cards, Clip Board, Schedule Sheet, etc…
Video 2 – How to Make an Appointment & Phone Blueprint
Learn How to Schedule An Appointment, Appointment Window, Exact Questions to Ask and…

Video 3 – Preparing for Service Call
Prescreen Service Call, How to Ask the Right Questions, Proper Attire, Arrive on Time, How to Greet the Customer, etc…
Video 4 – Customer Satisfaction
What is Customer Satisfaction? What Does the Customer Expect from Service Tech? Communication Skills, etc…

Video 5 – Price Chart & How to Receive Payments!
How to Process & Receive Payments for your Business via Credit Cards, Debit, Check or Cash. What to Charge for Your Services…
Video 6 – Advertising that Works! Free & Paid
How to Advertise Your Business – Get the Word Out! Smart Advertising is an Investment in Your Business Success…
Video 7 – Parts Inventory – Initial Parts Needed Only!
Parts Companies – Local & Online. Find Discount Parts. What to Stock When You First Start? Only Stock the Easiest to Repair then..
Video 8 – Appliance Repair Business Tools Needed
Tools Needed to Start Your Appliance Business are just Basic Everyday Tools & Special Tools to Make the Repair Easier and…

Video 9 – Basic Electrical Safety – SAFETY is FIRST!
We Encourage You to BE SAFE at ALL Times! ALWAYS Unplug ALL Appliances Before Repairing or Trouble Shooting… Period!
Video 10 – How to Use a Multimeter
2 Types of Multimeters – Digital & Analog. Learn How to Use it Safely & Correctly. Most Important Tool in Your Bag…

How to Troubleshoot Refrigerators
Appliance Tech Pro

Washing Machine Repair – 2 Types – Top Load & Front Load Washers.  Here You will Learn How to Diagnose, Troubleshoot and Repair Washers the Easy Way

Fundamentals – Washing Machine Videos (Top Load)

Washing Machine Repair – 2 Types – Top Load & Front Load Washers.  Here You will Learn How to Diagnose, Troubleshoot and Repair Washers the Easy Way

Fundamentals – Washing Machine Videos (Front Load)

Washing Machine Repair – Front Load Washers.  Here You will Learn How to Diagnose, Troubleshoot and Repair Frontload Washers

Dryer Repair Videos

Dryer Repair – 2 Types of Dryers – Electric & Gas.  Learn How to Repair Dryers (mostly Electric), Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair Residential Dryers the Easy Way!

Fundamentals – Refrigerator Repair Videos

Refrigerator Repair – Learn to Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair Refrigerators. Follow the Step-by-Step Diagnosis & You will Repair them with Ease!

Fundamentals – Electric Range & Oven Repair Videos

Stove & Oven Repair – 2 Types – Electric & Gas. Learn to Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair Stoves & Ovens.

Fundamentals – Electric Wall Oven Repair Videos

Electric Oven Repair – Learn to Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair Single & Double Wall Ovens.

Fundamentals – Dishwasher Repair Videos

Dishwasher Repair – Learn the Basics, Diagnose, Troubleshoot and Repair Dishwashers.

Fundamentals – Microwave Repair Videos

Microwave Repair – Learn the Basics of How a Microwave Works. Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair Microwaves

Fundamentals – Garbage Disposal Repair Videos

Garbage Disposal Repair – Disposals are One of the Easiest Appliances to Repair.  Learn How to Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair with Ease!

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