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Training is THE KEY, as people increasingly realize that having a valuable new set of skills in the Appliance Repair trade has a lot of benefits that traditional jobs do not offer, such as; provides more quality of life, start experiencing more day-to-day satisfaction, you feel a greater sense of stability and hope for you and the future of your family, a very lucrative career that is always in demand. Attending appliance repair schools or online appliance repair courses can lead to all of those outcomes and more.

You may be looking for a fun job that pays well? Scared that the cause of unemployment may be growing? Acquiring skills as an appliance repair technician will ensure success that comes from the mastery of a core set of skills that can be applied to any position, company or starting your own business. When you practice and strengthen these skills in your trade, you’ll rise to the top.

So, as you consider taking an Appliance Repair Course for the tremendous self-employment potential that this training offers, here are 7 things you need to know when choosing the best course to take:

  1. Does the training offer modern practices and materials? New appliances are being developed and brought into the market almost every day, so you want to make sure the course you take gets you ready to respond to problems with the most modern models – while not forgetting the classic problems of older models.
  1. Is the training captivating and diversified? There’s no point in taking a course that feels boring, too narrow in its approach, and/or repetitive. You want a course that captivates your curiosity, feeds your mind with precious and actionable training, and is diversified to prepare you for multiple appliance troubleshooting & repair scenarios.
  1. Is the course intuitive? The course must be intuitive, not only from the learning point of view (complex appliances must be understood and explained in a clear and simplified way), but also in terms of the training order – you can’t learn much about advanced appliance troubleshooting & repair if you don’t understand the basics first.
  1. Does the course keep track of your progress? Don’t get left behind. You need to take a course that addresses the following;
  • Are you getting up-to-date training, which includes control boards & computerized appliances?
  • Are the courses self-paced? Allow you study when it is convenient for you?
  • Is the course training interesting enough to keep your attention as you learn?
  • Are the course instructions easy to follow & in chronological order?
  • Are there quizzes or exams to ensure you are learning the concepts?
  • Does it provide a way to ask questions during the course, after you are finish and continual training and support?
  • Will you learn the fundamentals of troubleshooting & repair appliances
  • Advance training – learning how to troubleshoot using tech sheets & schematics
  1. No questions asked? If you can’t ask questions – as you take the course and after you take the course –, then it’s not a good option. There is no learning without doubts, so there is no learning without the freedom to ask questions and the right to get answers.
  1. How about troubleshooting skills? There is a variety of fundamental troubleshooting skills that you need to learn in order to be a good appliance technician, so you want to make sure that the course that you take uses tech sheets and schematics to teach you these troubleshooting skills you can’t work without.
  1. How much does the course cost? Is it Drip Feed? You should not have to pay 1000s of dollars (some range from $3000 to $10,000) to learn the Appliance Repair Industry. Also, Drip Feed means; it is NOT self-paced. Courses or Schools that use the Drip Feed method will provide with a limited amount of materials, dvds or videos, and only when you make your next payment, then you will get the next set of course materials.

The problem with this type of course is you are controlled/restricted from moving to the next module until it is shipped or you are given access, in other words it may take you months or a year to complete the course and start your career in the Appliance Repair Industry.

Want a course where you’re in charge? That’s what proper training should be all about, and that’s exactly what we offer at Cornerstone Appliance Training. An online course that you can take according to your time availability and that allows you the ability to learn a HOT and DEMAND skill set, giving you plenty of opportunities to go back and review any point you didn’t get so well at first. Being part of this vocation usually means being able to enjoy a lot of variety.

Cornerstone Appliance Training Advantage

Our courses are in chronological order and structured to make it super easy to learn the Appliance Industry from A to Z. The course materials and step-by-step videos are broken up into small units and modules, with individual lessons, text, diagrams and videos.  Also, there is a practice exam for each module to ensure our students understood and help them to get a firm grasp of the material.

At the end of the Cornerstone Appliance Training Course our students are given an option to receive the Cornerstone Appliance Training Certification Certificate. The requirements are for the Final Exam you must score a 90% or higher.  Don’t worry we will teach you everything you need to know to pass.

Lifetime Training & Support

Once you purchase a course at the Cornerstone Appliance Training, it’s yours for life. The Cornerstone Membership is more than just an online school; our students receive lifetime training and support and can access the membership at any time, where they will receive updated information & training as changes are made in the appliance repair industry.

In addition, CATC students receive Live Telephone Technical Support (repair help from us & other experts throughout your appliance career) when needed and a FREE Professionally Designed Appliance Repair Business Website. How to Start Your Own Business or get training you need to work for Appliance Companies, everything you need and more.

A course that you can take from the comfort of your home, or wherever you want to take it from – even when you’re commuting. A course that’s affordable (considerably cheaper than 9 out 10 courses or schools), efficient, and which involves state-of-the-art training techniques for state-of-the-art appliances, while never forgetting the basics. A course that gives you the chance of asking any question at any time, while providing you key troubleshooting skills that will make you one fine and very successful appliance repair technician.

That’s because being an appliance technician your trade will provide the opportunity to work anywhere you like, appliances are in need of repairing in any city, state or country.

There is no better return on investment than; you effectively learn a trade that will let you turn your acquired skills into a solid and very profitable business for which you’ll always find more demand than you can cope with – a good ‘problem’ that every business in the world would like to have.

Why Choose Cornerstone Appliance Training LLC? How Does it Work?

Top Notch Level Course, Especially for the Price of What the Course Cost!
Everywhere else I have looked they are asking $3000 to $7000 for a course like this one and You have to leave home for 3 weeks or more to get the hands on training that Chris at Cornerstone Appliance shows you how to receive that training without leaving your home. My wife wants to move to a smaller city and I contacted Chris to ask him what he thought about it. He gave me…

Joshua J., Business Owner Valdosta, GA

Tired of Driving Trucks and Wanted to Be Home with My Family. After seeing the videos on Youtube and I have been looking for a Small Business that I can stay home with my family and get off the road. I knew this was it. I had a problem trying to watch the videos on my phone while I was on the road and Chris was extremely helpful in solving my problems. I talked to him a couple of times and…

John B., Truck Driver Harrisburg, PA

Heating and Air Condition was my Primary Profession and Income. As You know HVAC is Seasonal.
As I stated above, heating and air condition repair is my primary profession. However, in my area it is only hot for about 6 months and the air condition business comes to a stop.

I had always considered learning another trade to supplement my income and appliance repair was one I had thought about many times.

After talking with Chris I decided to give it a shot. I am truly glad I did. After learning the Appliance Repair Business, I have had a few 4 figure days ($xxxx) and I love the flexibility that will work with my Air Condition Repair Business when it kicks back in with…

Alberto G, HVAC Business Owner Bartlett, TN

I just wanted to Sell Used Appliances and Did not want to make Service Calls at this time.
I talked with Chris and explained to him that I have been selling used appliances on my own. I was having some success, would make a sale here and there. We talked for about 20 minutes or so and I was very impressed with the amount of time he spent explaining more in detail what he suggest that I should do to increase my business. After a couple of weeks I purchased the Selling Used Appliances Course and must say, I am impressed with the details of the course.  Also, I reached out to Chris about a question I had (which was on the weekend) and he responded very quickly.

Michael S., Minneapolis, MN

No Better Feeling than Being able to Provide for You & Your Family – We Can Help You Achieve That!
“Have a Blessed Day”