Our Appliance Repair Training Course will Work for Anyone

Finally Start Your Own Business… without Feeling Lost or Intimidated about How to Do It
  • How the Online Courses Work
  • What’s Included in the Course Material
  • What Do I Need to Start
  • I Have NO Experience… NO Problem
  • I Have Some Experience… will this Course Help Me? In a Word… Yes!
  • Is this Course Affordable? Yes…
  • How Soon Can I Start? Totally Up to You!

How it Works… Is Actually Pretty Simple

Our Appliance Training Course & Materials has Everything You Need… Cutting Edge Appliance Repair Training
This Course will provide You with the Fundamentals & Advanced Skills that are in High Demand
  • Cornerstone Appliance Training Course Membership
  • Step-by-Step Appliance Repair Training Videos
  • Up-to-Date Appliance Training Material & Video
  • Online Self-Pace Courses
  • What about Hands On Training?
  • Live Telephone Technical Support When Needed
  • Life-Time Membership & Support
  • Tech Resources & Manuals
  • Fundamentals of Appliance Repair
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • 8 Training Modules & Module Exams
  • Continual Up-to-Date Videos & Appliance Materials
  • Cornerstone Appliance Certification & Certificate
  • Never Stop Learning…

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Here are the Most Common Questions & Answers that pertain to the Appliance Repair Business

How Does the Corner Stone Appliance Course Work?

Cornerstone Appliance Training Course (CATC) offers Everything You need to Start Your Appliance Business; CATC Membership Instant Access & Course Materials, Step-by-Step Videos, Live Telephone Technical Support, Course Materials, Advanced Troubleshooting, Fundamentals of Appliance Repair, 8 Appliance Training Modules, & Full Training & 24/7 Support, Advertising, Growing Your Business, Price Chart, etc…

Also, continual video updates and tips & tips to make your appliance business easier and to keep you up-to-date on the latest appliance information.

How Long will I Have Access to the Course?

For life! You will have access to the course material, videos and members support forum any time you want to review lessons or when we update information (ie videos, content, tools etc…).  Also, you will receive any updates or new videos that we post in the future.

What if I Need Additional Help?

Simple. We are here to help with ANY question you have. After looking at the Online Resources we provide and you still are not sure what to do. Contact us via email or Live Telephone Support. This training course has a wealth of up-to-date online resources that you will have access to 24/7.

Is There Too Much Competition in My Area?

Competition is Not a Problem – Don’t worry about the competition. What You will learn in this Course will crush our competition with NO problem.  I have been doing just that for almost 10 years and I will show you exactly how I do it!

I will show you how steal you competitors customers from big name companies like; Sears, Mr. Appliance, etc… with excellent service & customer satisfaction. How to gain new customers & referrals & reviews from those satisfied customers.

Do You Have a Guarantee or Refund Policy

Yes! We believe you are going to be so impressed with this course that you will wish you had start this business long before now! We are confident that you will find that they are worth more than you paid for them. But to give you peace of mind about making this investment in your future, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Is it Hard to Start a Used Appliance Business?

Again a Done for You Business – We take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what you need from Start to Finish to setup your business. Exactly what we use today and everyday that makes this business easy from the exact invoice, business card, clipboard, free apps, tools, etc…

How Soon Can I Start My Used Appliance Repair Business?

This is a Very Common Question. However, it’s REALLY is up to YOU! All you need is this course, a few basic tools, a vehicle, and a just few basic appliance parts. Of course, you will need a phone and access to the internet…

We Start You with the EASIEST Appliances first (which means you could start in a week or a month) to get you up and running as soon as possible!

Do I Need Any Technical Skills or Experience in Appliance Repair?

NO Skills or Experience Required – I have taken Complete Newbies – from ages of 20 to 56 and made them Very Competent in a short time and continued to grow from there… I am going to give you the Exact Training that has Grown My Company Beyond my Wildest Imagination! Also, I am going to share a very valuable source on web that if You need immediate help (And You can’t wait for me to Answer Your Question) you will have access to.

How Much $$$ Can I Expect to Make?

First of All – You Determine How Much You Make & there is Additional Streams of Income (Explained in the Course). Average Weekly Starting – $1000 to $1500 after a little experience $1500 to $2000 or more… And grows as your knowledge and customer base grows (also covered in the course).

Do I Need Expensive Tools or a Company Van?

No, Start with What You Have! A a Van, SUV or Truck will do. Remember the goal is to allow your business to make money… first! Then invest in whatever you need to make your business grow and more convenient for your

Tools – household tools and a couple of cheap testing tools (we show you exactly what you need in the course).

I Work Full Time, Can I Still Start this Business?

Yes, You Can Do This Part-time or On Weekends – Anyone can do this in their spare time, evenings or weekends is totally up to you.  Just get started and let your customers know when you can deliver and setup the appliances for them.  Or if you are picking up an appliance set a time that works for you and the customer… It’s that Simple!

Is this Hard Work Repair Appliances?

Absolutely Not! This has probably been the easiest work (average 15 to 20 minute repair) that you will ever do and get paid to do it. Average work day is 2 to 4 hours of ACTUAL work. Of Course, if you want to make more money for any reason that’s up to you how long you want to work.

We Want to Congratulate You on Taking the First Step in Seeking to Take Control of Your Future!

So Many People Desire to Start a Business – Unfortunately Most will Never Never Take Action and… Do it! Don’t Let that Happen to You!!

No Better Feeling than Being able to Provide for You & Your Family – We Can Help You Achieve That!

Be Blessed & Be Encouraged!