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Thank You for Joining the Cornerstone in Appliance Training School...

We TRULY appreciate you purchasing our “Hands on Training” and for giving us the opportunity to train you and make you a much better & confident Appliance Technician.  We look forward to meeting each one of our students in person.

**School ReLocation**:  Cornerstone Appliance Training School, Arlington, TN 38002 (about 45 minutes North East of Memphis, TN)

Attire: because this is “Hands on Training”. We recommend comfortable clothing (ie Jeans & T-Shirt, Sweats, etc.)

Airport: Memphis International 

Transportation:  If you need transportation from Memphis International to one of the Hotels listed below. We recommend Memphis Shuttle Services. They provide transportation everyday 24/7. 

List of Hotels Below

Holiday Inn & Suites at Wolfchase 

2751 New Brunswick Rd, 

Memphis, TN 38133

Phone: (901) 266-1952

Faifield Inn & Suites by Marriott

4928 Fair Springs Cv, 

Arlington, TN

Phone:  (901)245-0640

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January 2023

Due to New Building Readiness

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