Free Video Reveals How to Quit the Job that You Hate ASAP!!…
Learn How to Quit the Job that You Hate As Soon As Possible! Also, the Reasons for Leaving Job. I Quit. There is the RIGHT time to Quit Your Job and the WRONG Time to Quit Your Job.


Our #1 Goal is to Help People Like You Realize Your Gifts, Passions & Talents. That You Can Live the Life that You Want to..

Our mission has never changed or waived since the day we got started; to enable people around the world to realize their true potential, unlock their Entrepreneurial Spirit & Appliance Repair skills and create their own thriving & successful business.

How to Start an Appliance Business in 30 Days or Less…
We Give You Everything You Need to Get Started in 30 Days or Less. Some of Our New (Beginner) Students Have Started in 2 to 3 Weeks.


Your first task is to go through the ENTIRE video above, now.

Then, once you complete this video and you truly understand how EASY & SIMPLE it is to learn the Appliance Repair Industry…

You can move on to the next video in this course.

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Here at Cornerstone Appliance Training, we have no greater passion than to teach others how simple and enjoyable it can be to learn Appliance Repair & Start Your Own Appliance Business.

We would like to prove to you that our appliance training course(s) & our 4 simple rules is simply all you need start a very successful small business that will provide for you and your family in more ways than you can count.

Although the income is Awesome for those who put forth the effort- Average $65,000 to $80,000 the First Year!

Of course, some of you will make less because you will work Part-Time vs Full-Time.

Also, some of you only need a side income, extra money or just to supplement your income.

Being a Business Owner (Entrepreneur) in the Appliance Repair has so many more benefits; flexible hours, work when you want, earn what you want, live where you want (appliances are everywhere).

NO more job hunting, job layoffs, cut backs, quality of life (spend more time with your family), no mandatory overtime, etc…

Our desire to help each person live every day with passion, purpose, and freedom.