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**BONUS** Free Enrollment One or More New Techs - Need to Train a NEW Tech? Don't have the time to train them? Our Affordable, Flexible & Simple Online Training, combined with the Appliance Tech Pro are a powerful combination. Why some companies have turned to Cornerstone Appliance Training to train new techs and help older techs with troubleshooting & repairing new modern appliances.

**Discounts for Multiple Enrollments**

Ask about our discount program for a company with 2 or more techs to train... Simple & Very Affordable.

NOTE:  NEW Techs get the FULL "Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Training" & Appliance Tech Pro... Only! We don't teach them "Business Management" that would create Competition for You as a Company.

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Business Startup Kit - A to Z Admin Info (ie cards, daily schedule sheet, invoice, business license, phone blueprint, Appliance Blue Book Job Rates Guide, price chart, etc...)

Business Management - How Run Day to Day Operation from Start to Finish! No Guess work... We show you how to run your business the easy way

Advertising - Free & Paid (3 Words that will have Your Phone Ringing Off the Hook!) More Customers = More $$$

Live Technical Support - FREE Telephone Technical Support for 6 Months! On a call & not sure what to do next? After 6 months Small Monthly fee (NO Contract) Only for as long as you need it! We are here When You need Us!

Life Time Support & Unlimited Updates - Life Time Membership Access to Members to Learn, Ask Questions & Grow Your Business

Technician Diagnostic Guide - Before a Technician begins to Service or Troubleshoot an Appliance, must check the following...

Parts - Wholesale, Discount Parts & No Longer Available (NLA) - SAVE $1000s on Where to Get the Parts You Need, Some you can purchased in a Bundle or Pack that are Cheaper than 1 part from your Local Parts Supplier & at an Awesome Discount & Have them Delivered to Your door step..

Appliance Toolkit - Appliance Repair Tools & Special Appliance Tools that Make Repairing Appliances So Much Easier! Here are Must Have Appliance Tools if you’re considering...

Basic Appliance Training - Videos Washer & Dryer Repair Only! Start with the Easiest Appliances First! How to Get Rid of the 1st Time Jitters!

Complete Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Training (All Appliances Included) - The Foundation Course, the place where most technicians, even those with experience, begin their journey...

Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repair Refrigeration process, principles of operation, common problems, troubleshooting and repair and...

Mastering Appliance Repair - Secrets of Appliance Service, Diagnose & Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks, Repair Most Appliances in 15 to 20 Minutes...

Advanced Appliance Training - Access to Unlimited Videos on Washers, Dryers, Stoves, Dishwasher, Microwave, Garbage Disposals, Hot Water Heaters,etc...

Appliance Tech Pro - Game Changer in Troubleshooting & Repairing Appliances NO More Guessing on How to Troubleshoot and Repair Appliances Appliances like a 20 to 30 Experienced Appliance Expert Almost Immediately… if you are serious...

Appliance Blue Book Job Rates Guide - makes pricing Major Appliance Repair & Service Jobs Simple & Easy! We offer the Appliance Forms & pricing guides... NO more guessing what you should charge for services & repairs. Learn how to make $100 to $150 PURE profit without charging too much...

Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Manual - 1200+ Page Major Appliances Manual for Troubleshooting & Repairing All Major Appliances Modern & with Electronics... Fully updated for current technologies and packed with hundreds of photos and diagrams, written by a Pro with over 40 years...

** FREE Appliance Repair Marketing Solutions (ARMS) ** Need More Customers? 100% Exclusive Appliance Repair Leads for You & ONLY You! How Many Appliance Leads Do You Want a Day! 1 - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 10 or more... With the PBB You Get FREE Access to the Gold Plan. That means as many as 6 to 10 or more a day! NO More Contracts, NO More Pay Per Click,  NO More Pay Per Leads, NO More Sharing Expensive Leads or Overpriced and...

1 Nationwide Warranty Company + 3 Local Accounts = 4 and All Accounts have multiple locations  with multiple Residential Appliances that need services and repairs  You will make $1000s or Tens of $1000s from this element of the PBB course alone & we give it to You for FREE!!

FREE Website - 20 Page Professionally Designed & Optimized Appliance Repair Business Website, with FREE Hosting & Installation for 6 Months, after that if you stay with us a small monthly fee for Hosting & Maintenance...

2nd FREE Website: Selling Used Appliances 15 Page - Make Extra Income on the Side $1000 to $1500 or more with Cheap & Free Appliances. Also, has a "Appliance Request" Form that allows you to have a waiting list for your next appliance ready to sell even before you get it! FREE Hosting & Installation for 6 Month

Videos - Professional Customized Appliance Business Videos - choose your Front Page video from the selection below - conversions improve by nearly 300% when a high-quality video is embedded on the page

BONUS #1: FREE Enrollment One New Techs - Need to Train a NEW Tech? Don't have the time to train them? Our Affordable, Flexible & Simple Online Training, combined with the Appliance Tech Pro are a powerful combination. 

BONUS #2: FREE Digital (Clamp) Multimeter - Must have tool for Appliance Repair Technicians - Digital Clamp Meter Multimeters , Auto-Ranging Multimeter AC/DC voltmeter with Voltage, AC Current, Amp, Volt, Ohm, Diode and Resistance Testers...

BONUS #3: Free Selling Used Appliances Course - Make an Extra $1000 to $1500 or More on the Side...

Average Starting Income - When You first Start. Income will Increase as You gain Knowledge & Experience. Income varies based on Your Ability to Apply the Training We Provide! Expected Time Frame 30 Days to 60 Days or Less... 

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