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Washer & Dryer Training Made Easy

Appliance Troubleshooting Repair Basics & Advanced Skills on Washers & Dryers every Technician should know

Principles of Operation on Washers & Dryers – Functions and Cycles

Washing Machine (Top Load & Front Load Washers) – Troubleshooting Basics & Advanced Skills

Dryers (Gas & Electric) – Troubleshooting, Repair & Diagnostic Basics & Advanced Training

Appliance Toolkit – Appliance Repair Tools & Special Appliance Tools that Make Repairing Appliances So Much Easier! Our Must Have Appliance Tools & Testers that will make you a very competent & Professional Technician

Parts – Wholesale, Discount Parts & No Longer Available (NLA) – SAVE $1000s on Where to Get the Parts You Need, Some you can purchased in a Bundle or Pack that are Cheaper than 1 part from your Local Parts Supplier & at an Awesome Discount & Have them Delivered to Your door step..

Basic Electricity – Make the Technician knowledgeable in Basic Electricity – Volts, ohms, amps. circuit, circuit components

Fundamentals of Washers & Dryers Only Appliance Repair Training – Great for Beginners, the place to start for those who are nervous or has first time jitters about that first service call, or want to test the appliance industry…

Basic Electronics & Control Boards in Appliances. How to Troubleshoot & Repair. Learn to Diagnostic Modes, 3 Board Electronic Control & 2 Board

Washer & Dryer Identification Parts – Different Types of Parts Used in Washers & Dryers – switches, pumps, fuses, sensors, elements, relays and more…

How to Read Schematics – you will learn the basics of schematics as well as advanced schematics reading & testing. 

Mastering Appliance Repair – Secrets of Appliance Service, Diagnose & Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks, Repair Most Appliances in 15 to 20 Minutes...

Technician Diagnostic Guide – Before a Technician begins to Service or Troubleshoot an Appliance, must check the following…

Certification Certificate (Optional) – Final Exam of the Washer & Dryers. If a Technician would like to receive a Certification Certificate, he/she must take our Final Exam and meet the course requirements

Warranty Company FREE Account – This Warranty Company is located in EVERY City, State & Country, pays on time and have multiple offices with Residential Appliances. You will make $1000s from just this one account & more will be added.

BONUS #1: Appliance Tech Pro – Game Changer in Troubleshooting & Repairing Appliances NO More Guessing on How to Troubleshoot and Repair Appliances Appliances like a 20 to 30 Experienced Appliance Expert Almost Immediately… if you are serious…

BONUS #2: Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Manual – 1200+ Page Major Appliances Manual for Troubleshooting & Repairing All Major Appliances Modern & with Electronics… Fully updated for current technologies and packed with hundreds of photos and diagrams, written by a Pro with over 40 years…

Average Starting Income – When You first Start. Income will Increase as You gain Knowledge & Experience. Income varies based on Your Ability to Apply the Training We Provide! Expected Time Frame 30 Days to 60 Days or Less… 

Washer & Dryer Training, Selling Used Appliances & Appliance Repair Manual

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Washer & Dryer Training Course with Selling Used Appliances

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to Make $200 to $300 a Day

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