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How to Troubleshoot and Repair Samsung Electric Dryer Will Not Start Spin or Run

In this video repair a Samsung Electric Dryer that will not Start, Spin or Run. You learn how to troubleshoot and repair dryer parts that need to be checked or replaced. Dryer Belt Idler Pulley Tube Rollers & Axles Idler Pulley Assembly Belt Switch Here is a list of the most common dryer problems: Dryer won’t start Dryer will not spin Dryer will not turn on Dryer taking too long to dry Link of the Student Mentioned in the Video – Jeff V. Appliance Repair Training Make $65,000 – $80,000 1st Year Start a Appliance Repair Business for […]

Refrigerator Ice Maker Repair – Troubleshooting Samsung Refrigerator Not Making Ice Freezing up

In this video you will learn Troubleshooting Ice maker that will not make ice and is freezing up. This Samsung refrigerator ice maker keeps freezing up and will not make ice. How to repair this ice maker step by step diagnosis and repair of a Samsung refrigerator repair. This ice maker troubleshooting & repair is easy to do with the Samsung Refrigerators. A lot of people are finding the same issue with the ice maker jamming or not dispensing ice. Sometimes the ice will melt and water will coming through the door chute. Appliance Repair Training Make $65,000 – $80,000 […]

LG Washer Repair Error Codes – Washing Machine Will Not Drain Spin

Learn How to fix LG Washer Repair Error Codes for your washing machine.  In this Video you are going to learn how to repair a top load lg washing machine that is causing an error code that will not allow the washer to wash, drain or spin. This washing machine has stopped in mid-cycle and will not go any further. The error code is “FE”. There only to appliance parts that will cause this error code; the circuit board or the water inlet valve. Here I will show you how to troubleshoot, diagnose & repair this lg washing machine simple […]

New Online Appliance Repair Training Course Very Affordable – Washing Machine & Dryer Repair

Start with the Easiest & Fastest way to learn how to repair appliances with… Washers & Dryers. Washers, or Washing Machines and Dryers Repair are the most common household appliances that you’ll encounter as an appliance repair technician. By the end of our Washer & Dryers Training course you will have the skills necessary to easily repair & service Washing Machines & Dryers (modern & old school). If Hands on Training is a concern… this is the answer that you have been looking for. This is (in my experience almost 12 years) the most common appliance repair that you will […]

2019 2020 Startup Small Business in Appliance Repair

Here is a the Perfect Small Business Ideas of 2019 – 2020 for anyone can start with very little money. How to start your own business in 30 days or less. What you need to start and just how affordable it really is. If you are interested in a New Career, Starting a Small Business, Startup Small Business that is easy to start with very little money, Be Your Own Boss or want to Quit Your Job! Check this out; Startup Small Business Ideas or Get Started Here!

Startup Small Business Ideas that Makes Easy Money – $65K to $80K 1st Year

Here is the perfect Startup Small Business Idea that anyone can start with very little money. And you can start as a home base business within the next 30 days or less if you are serious about starting a business. You can do this part-time or full time. If you just want a side hustle or make extra money on the side. All you need is…

Perfect Small Business Appliance Repair Make Money 2019

Yes, you can really make money with your Appliance Repair Business. And yes you can really make $65,000 the 1st Year if you follow 7 simple steps. You are asking the wrong question. The question is NOT can you make $65,000 the First Year or more. But, How to make money (65K) with your Appliance Repair Business? The next big question is just how much money do you want to make and how much work is involved. While most of you won’t make $65,000 the 1st year is NOT because it is not possible, but that you have believed the […]

Appliance Repair Marketing | Unlimited Appliance Repair Leads Only One Small Fee

  Appliance Repair Marketing – How to Get Unlimited Appliance Repair Leads for Only… One Time Small Fee.  If You are Tired of Paying for Overpriced Leads, Sharing Your Appliance Leads with Your Competitors, Paying Per Click, long high Monthly Contracts or Paying for clicks that have NOTHING to do with the appliance repair services that your offer… “Your Guaranteed Appliance Repair Leads” 100% of ALL Appliance Leads go to You & ONLY You!! Use Appliance Repair Marketing Smartbook Course to Get the Amount of Leads You Want a Day; 1 – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 10… it’s […]

Awesome Small Business You Can Start | How to Start Business Fast

Here is an Awesome Small Business Your Can Start in 30 Days or Less if your really want to. If you want to learn How to Start a Business that is Very Affordable & without feeling lost or confused about how to do it. Or you have always want to Start Your Own Business, Need a Career Change, Tired of Job Searching, Submitting Resumes. You really should checkout this simple, easy, very affordable Small Business Ideas Anyone Can Do This! Here is why this is such an Awesome Small Business Ideas; (1) Home Base Business (2) Part-Time or Full Time, […]

Dryer Repair Electric Dryer Not Heating How to Test Heating Element on Electric Dryer

In this video learn Dryer Repair. Electric Dryer Not Heating and How to Test an Heating Element. When dryers are not heating everyone automatically thinks it is the heating element. Clothes dryers that are not heating or getting your clothes dry are usually from some these common problems that you can check. Top 5 Reasons a Dryer is Not Heating: 1. Voltage 2. Blown Thermal Fuse 3. High Limit Thermostat 4. Defective Heating Element 5. Control Board or Voltage