Business Management Training Courses

What You Will Learn… How to Manage Your Appliance Business
  • Day to Day Operations… Simple
  • Appliance Forms Needed
  • Customer Satisfaction – How to Get Them to Advertise & Promote Your Business for Free
  • How to Price Your Services & Crush Your Competitors
  • How to Make Appointments – Average 85% or more…
  • Overcome First Call Jitters – Simple Step-by-Step Blueprint
  • Advertise & Market Your Business… Get Free Reviews on Your Google Business Listing
  • Competition is NO Problem… Crush Your Competition Techniques
  • Certification Certificate

How to Have a Successful Appliance Repair Business?
Small Business – Big Results!

In this Business Management Course You will Learn How to Operate Your Own Appliance Repair Business and with Awesome Success! Here you will learn; how to crush your competitors, advertising, scheduling, performing service calls, customer satisfaction, everything you need to be a Successful & Profitable Appliance Business.

What’s in the Business Management Course?

Nothing is More Important than Getting Your Business off to the Right Start & Making You Successful… We Got You Covered!!

Here is just Some of What’s in Our Appliance Training Business Management Course…

Course Syllabus:
Module 7 – Business Management Course Orientation
Unit 1 – Welcome to the CATC Business Course

Unit 2 – How to Use the Membership Site & the CATC Course Materials

Chapter 1 – Business Management & Day to Day Operations
Unit 1 – Business Startup – (Business License, Business Insurance, Business Name, etc…)

Unit 2 – Business Forms & File Maintenance – (Daily Schedule Sheet, Appliance Invoice, Business Cards, 4 File Folders, etc…)

Unit 3 – Payments & Taxes – (How to Process Payments, Taxes, Price Chart for Services, etc…)

Chapter 2 – Customer Satisfaction
Unit 1 – What is Customer Satisfaction?

Unit 2 – What Does the Customer Expect from an Appliance Tech?

Unit 3 – Why is Customer Satisfaction Important for Business?

Unit 4 – How Can a Service Technician Improve Customer Satisfaction Skills?

Chapter 3 – How to Make an Appointment
Unit 1 – How to Make an Appointment and Book 85% or more…

Unit 2 – Tip: Use the Schedule Sheet Provided in the Course &; You will Know with 90% certainty How to Repair the Appliance BEFORE You Arrive

Unit 3 – Learn the Exact Phone Blue Print Questions & Statement

Unit 4 – What Questions to Ask the Customer

Unit 5 – How Long is the Appointment Window (2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, etc…)?

Unit 6 – Should You Call the Customer Before Arriving?

Chapter 4 – Preparing for a Service Call
Unit 1 – Pre-screen Service Call for Parts

Unit 2 – Proper Grooming for an Appliance Tech

Unit 3 – How to Greet the Customer When You Arrive

Unit 4 – What Not to do at a Service Call

Unit 5 – What if You are Running Late (it does happen sometimes)?

Unit 6 – How to Handle Dissatisfied Customers

Unit 7 – Performing the Service Call

Chapter 5 – Is There too Much Competiton?
Unit 1 – How to Crush the Competition

Unit 2 – Competition is NO Problem with these Methods

Unit 3 – Why this Business Can NEVER Be Over Saturated?

Unit 4 – How You Can Ensure that You Will Never Run Out of Customers

Unit 5 – How to Make Sure Your Business Grows Everyday, Month and Year

Chapter 6 – Advertising that Works? Free & Paid
Unit 1 – How to Advertise Your Business – Free, Paid or ARMS

Unit 2 – Google My Business Listing – How to List Your Business on Google & How to Get FREE Reviews from Your Customers

Unit 3 – How to Get a Flood of New Customers – All the Customers You Can Handle!

Unit 4 – Dominate Your Coverage Area – 1 Piece of Marketing that Generates $1000s

Unit 5 – Appliance Repair Leads – Should You Pay for Leads or SEO Monthly Contracts?

Unit 6 – How to Use Social Media to Get Unlimited Customers… For FREE!

Unit 7 – COI Advertising will Save You $1000s or $10s of Thousands Over Time! Use it, I will Show Your How

Unit 8 – Free 20 Page Professionally Designed & Optimized Appliance Repair Business Website – for those that Choose the BusinessPro Membership Option (this Site Alone is Worth More than the Course)

Chapter 7 – Business Success & Profits
Unit 1 – How to Have Your Business Making Money from Day 1

Unit 2 – Profits – Which Appliance Repairs Make the Most Money in the Shortest Time

Unit 3 – “Profits” Pre-Diagnose Your Service Calls & Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Unit 4 – Price Chart – How to Price Your Service Calls & Repairs?

Unit 5 – How to Make Day to Day Operations Easier

Unit 6 – Service Calls You May want to Avoid at First

Unit 7 – Warranty Work – Is it Worth it?

Unit 8 – How to Guarantee Your Work? And for How Long?

Chapter 8 – Appliance Repair Marketing Leads (ARMS) – How Many Appliance Leads Do You Want a Day? 1 – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 10 or more…
Unit 1 – 100% Exclusive Appliance Leads – NO Sharing, Paying Per Leads

Unit 2 – NO Contracts – No more Expensive Monthly Contracts

Unit 3 – Google My Business (Local) – How to Get Your Appliance Business to the top of Your Local Google My Business Listing

Unit 4 – Free Customer Reviews – How to Get Your Customers to Leave a Positive Review with One Click

Unit 5 – First Page Website Ranking – How to Get Your Website to the Front Page

Unit 6 – Free Warranty Company Account – How to Get this Warranty Account that has multiple locations in every city

Unit 7 – Appliance Repair Keywords – Get the 5, 10 or 15 to use on your website and CRUSH your competition with Ease

Unit 8 – Appointments Blueprint – How to increase your appointment rate to 85% to 90% Appointments Made

Final Exam – Business Management Course
Here is the Final Exam for Operating & Starting a Profitable Appliance Repair Business
Certification Certificate – Business Management Course

Final Exam – to receive the Certification Certificate must score a passing grade of 90% or higher.

You can do this Part Time, Full Time or Save Thousands $$$ by Learning to Repair Your Own Home Appliances… the Sky is the Limit with This Course!!

No Better Feeling than Being able to Provide for You & Your Family – We Can Help You Achieve That!

Be Blessed & Be Encouraged!