Start a Appliance Repair Business


(NEW) Management Software for Appliance Repair Service Companies Small One Man or Several Appliance Techs – This Software Provides EVERYTHING You Need and More…

We Understand that Running an Appliance Repair Service Business can be a hand full when You have to do EVERYTHING yourself. Such as;  Scheduling Enough Jobs (service calls) Each Day, Customer Service, Payment Processing at the Customers House, Order Parts for All the Appliances that You Have Serviced, Handling Call Backs, Helping Appliance Techs (if you have more than 1) and so much more.

This Appliance Repair Business Software is the ANSWER to Your Administrative NIGHTMARE and Give You that Peace of Mind You are Looking for.

Software’s Top Features that You are Going to LOVE that Makes Running Your Appliance Repair Business… Simple & Easy!

  • Schedule & Dispatching – Manage More Jobs with Ease
  • Invoicing & Payment – Manage Your Cash Flow & Get Paid Faster
  • Customer Service – Communicate with Customers Much Easier… by sending your customers ‘on my way’ text messages, appointment reminders, and follow-up emails right from Jobber.
  • Assign Jobs to Available Techs – Auto-send appointment reminders to clients via text messages. 
  • Close More Jobs – Easily create invoices, send them to clients, and request payments in just one click.
  • Never Miss an Appliance Service Job Opportunity – Let’s face it, some clients prefer to order a service online rather than making a phone call. Online Booking and Service Chatbot you’ll be getting new jobs while you sleep!
  • Inventory Management – Track your inventory and quickly find the right parts.
  • Quick Book Integration – lets you easily view, track, and send invoices in just a couple clicks.
  • Reporting How Your Appliance Repair Business is Performing – Track job analytics, team performance, payments, and calls.
  • Job Assignments – Assign jobs by service areas based on the distance from job locations and available techs.
  • Mobile Apps – Get Admin work done on the go during the day, So that you don’t have to work long evenings getting caught up.


What’s Included in Our Business Management Course?

Course Syllabus:
Module 7 – Business Management Course Orientation

Unit 1 – Welcome to the CATC Business Course

Unit 2 – How to Use the Membership Site & the CATC Course Materials

Chapter 1 – Business Management & Day to Day Operations

Unit 1 – Business Startup – (Business License, Business Insurance, Business Name, etc…)

Unit 2 – Business Forms & File Maintenance – (Daily Schedule Sheet, Appliance Invoice, Business Cards, 4 File Folders, etc…)

Unit 3 – Payments & Taxes – (How to Process Payments, Taxes, Price Chart for Services, etc…)

Chapter 2 – Customer Satisfaction

Unit 1 – What is Customer Satisfaction?

Unit 2 – What Does the Customer Expect from an Appliance Tech?

Unit 3 – Why is Customer Satisfaction Important for Business?

Unit 4 – How Can a Service Technician Improve Customer Satisfaction Skills?

Chapter 3 – How to Make an Appointment

Unit 1 – How to Make an Appointment and Book 85% or more…

Unit 2 – Tip: Use the Schedule Sheet Provided in the Course &; You will Know with 90% certainty How to Repair the Appliance BEFORE You Arrive

Unit 3 – Learn the Exact Phone Blue Print Questions & Statement

Unit 4 – What Questions to Ask the Customer

Unit 5 – How Long is the Appointment Window (2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, etc…)?

Unit 6 – Should You Call the Customer Before Arriving?

Chapter 4 – Preparing for a Service Call

Unit 1 – Pre-screen Service Call for Parts

Unit 2 – Proper Grooming for an Appliance Tech

Unit 3 – How to Greet the Customer When You Arrive

Unit 4 – What Not to do at a Service Call

Unit 5 – What if You are Running Late (it does happen sometimes)?

Unit 6 – How to Handle Dissatisfied Customers

Unit 7 – Performing the Service Call

Chapter 5 – Is There too Much Competiton?

Unit 1 – How to Crush the Competition

Unit 2 – Competition is NO Problem with these Methods

Unit 3 – Why this Business Can NEVER Be Over Saturated?

Unit 4 – How You Can Ensure that You Will Never Run Out of Customers

Unit 5 – How to Make Sure Your Business Grows Everyday, Month and Year

Chapter 6 – Advertising that Works? Free & Paid

Unit 1 – How to Advertise Your Business – Free, Paid or ARMS

Unit 2 – Google My Business Listing – How to List Your Business on Google & How to Get FREE Reviews from Your Customers

Unit 3 – How to Get a Flood of New Customers – All the Customers You Can Handle!

Unit 4 – Dominate Your Coverage Area – 1 Piece of Marketing that Generates $1000s

Unit 5 – Appliance Repair Leads – Should You Pay for Leads or SEO Monthly Contracts?

Unit 6 – How to Use Social Media to Get Unlimited Customers… For FREE!

Unit 7 – COI Advertising will Save You $1000s or $10s of Thousands Over Time! Use it, I will Show Your How

Unit 8 – Free 20 Page Professionally Designed & Optimized Appliance Repair Business Website – for those that Choose One of  Our Business Bundles Membership Option (this Site Alone is Worth More than the Course)

Chapter 7 – Business Success & Profits

Unit 1 – How to Have Your Business Making Money from Day 1

Unit 2 – Profits – Which Appliance Repairs Make the Most Money in the Shortest Time

Unit 3 – “Profits” Pre-Diagnose Your Service Calls & Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Unit 4 – Price Chart – How to Price Your Service Calls & Repairs?

Unit 5 – How to Make Day to Day Operations Easier

Unit 6 – Service Calls You May want to Avoid at First

Unit 7 – Warranty Work – Is it Worth it?

Unit 8 – How to Guarantee Your Work? And for How Long?

Chapter 8 – Appliance Repair Marketing Leads (ARMS) – How Many Appliance Leads Do You Want a Day? 1 – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 10 or more…

Unit 1 – 100% Exclusive Appliance Leads – NO Sharing, Paying Per Leads

Unit 2 – NO Contracts – No more Expensive Monthly Contracts

Unit 3 – Google My Business (Local) – How to Get Your Appliance Business to the top of Your Local Google My Business Listing

Unit 4 – Free Customer Reviews – How to Get Your Customers to Leave a Positive Review with One Click

Unit 5 – First Page Website Ranking – How to Get Your Website to the Front Page

Unit 6 – Free Warranty Company Account – How to Get this Warranty Account that has multiple locations in every city

Unit 7 – Appliance Repair Keywords – Get the 5, 10 or 15 to use on your website and CRUSH your competition with Ease

Unit 8 – Appointments Blueprint – How to increase your appointment rate to 85% to 90% Appointments Made

Final Exam – Business Management Course
Here is the Final Exam for Operating & Starting a Profitable Appliance Repair Business

Certification Certificate – Business Management Course

Final Exam – to receive the Certification Certificate must score a passing grade of 90% or higher.