Appliance Repair Made Easy –  How to Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair Any Appliance… in Just a Few Simple Steps

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Appliance Tech Pro – is the Game Changer in the Troubleshooting & Repairing Appliances is at Your Fingertips… it’s like having a Master Appliance Repair Tech in Your Pocket at ALL Times.

Appliance Tech Pro is the answer to troubleshooting & repairing all major appliances. The #1 problem with most Appliance Technicians is troubleshooting appliances correctly… the first time! Do you want to learn how to repair Appliances or Start Your Own Appliance Business… this is for you! If you are serious definitely in 30 Days or Less… No More Guessing! Get the answer you need in a matter of a minute or two…

Appliance Tech Pro is an Awesome Tool.. New, Modern or Older Appliances… Circuit Boards, Schematics, Error Codes, etc…

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How Does it Work?!

  1. Step 1: State the Problem(ie Whirlpool Duet Washer F 21 Error Code, Kenmore Washer will not spin, Whirlpool Dryer will not heat, Refrigerator not cooling or freezing Error Code ER-CF, etc…)
  2. Type or speak into your Cellphone, iPad or Laptopcomputer (whatever you use to access the internet) Note: you don’t have to access the internet if you want you can download the solution… BEFORE you see the Appliance.
  3. Appliance Tech Pro will give you the Answer: F21 Error Code is clogged drain or bad drain pump. This error code means 99% of the time, you will need to clean out the pump filter or replace the pump… super easy (20 to 30 minute repair).

Appliance Tech Pro… is the Answer to Troubleshooting Appliances… the Easy Way! Getting it Right the First Time!

Appliance Repair Training Schools Online

Most Appliance Technicians #1 Appliance that they Misdiagnose is… Refrigerators!

Appliance Tech Pro (ATP) Makes Troubleshooting Refrigerators Easy (especially LG & Samsung Refrigerators)

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Troubleshooting Refrigerators with Appliance Tech Pro is a breeze.  Appliance Tech Pro is the tool that makes all appliance troubleshooting and repair so much easier. Refrigerators is the one appliance that a lot of technician (new & experienced) have trouble getting it right… the first time.  NO problem with Appliance Tech Pro… We Make it Simple… Period!

With Appliance Tech Pro… NO More Changing Parts, NO More Guessing etc.

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We are going to save you $1000s of dollars of time wasted spending Days, Weeks and Months of taking appliance courses and still don’t know how to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair the appliance without making costly & multiple mistakes that is costing you time, money, frustration and possibly the creditability of you or your companies reputation.