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How to Troubleshoot & Repair Any Appliance… in 3 Easy Steps
How to Troubleshoot & Repair Appliances such as; Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Washer & Dryers… New, Modern & Older with Circuit Boards, Schematics, Error Codes, Wiring Diagrams and… Troubleshooting Appliances Just Got a lot Easier…
The Game Changer in the Troubleshooting & Repairing Appliances is at Your Fingertips… it Really is that Simple!
Appliance Tech Pro is the answer to troubleshooting & repairing all major appliances. The #1 problem with most technicians is troubleshooting appliances correctly… the first time! Do you want to learn how to repair Appliances or Start Your Own Appliance Business… this is for you! If you are serious definitely in 30 Days or Less… No More Guessing! Get the answer you need in a matter of a minute or two…
Appliance Tech Pro is an Awesome Tool.. New, Modern or Older Appliances… Circuit Boards, Schematics, Error Codes, etc…

Appliance Repair Training Online Courses | Stove is Not Heating
How ATP helped me with a Refrigerator Repair that was Not Cooling or Freezing?
Appliance Tech Pro helped me with this Refrigerator Repair – How to troubleshoot, diagnose & repair a Refrigerator (Frigidaire) that is NOT cooling or freezing . How to repair it the easy way… This is the one call you will receive the most with refrigerators… Appliance Tech Pro & our FREE “Troubleshooting Shortcuts” Membership course makes it super easy & saves you time and money…
Your Appliance Not Working? – Troubleshoot & Repair Any Appliance Easily…
How to Repair any Appliance in 3 Easy Steps – diagnosing, troubleshooting & repairing an appliance like a refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher, etc… After going thru the step-by-step troubleshooting procedures and watching training videos… still don’t know what to do next?! Here is your answer… Appliance Tech Pro!
Must Have Appliance Repair Troubleshooting & Repair Tool
You are about have access to the answer that no one else would give you in this industry. And 9 out of 10 Experienced Appliance Technicians don’t know exist. It Doesn’t Get any Easier than this… Everything is at your finger tips… the latest technology, appliances with circuit boards, doesn’t matter what brand or type of appliance, how to assemble & disassemble (videos or pictures) and so much more…

Appliance Tech Pro - Makes Troubleshooting Appliances Easy
How Does it Work?

How Does it Work;

3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: State the Problem (ie Whirlpool Duet Washer F 21 Error Code, Kenmore Washer will not spin, Whirlpool Dryer will not heat, Refrigerator not cooling or freezing Error Code ER-CF, etc…)

Step 2: Type or speak into your cellphone, ipad or computer (whatever you use to access the internet) Note: you don’t have to access the internet if you want you can download the solution.

Step 3: Appliance Tech Pro will give you the solution: F21 Error Code is clogged drain or bad drain pump. This error code means 99% of the time, you will need to clean out the pump filter or replace the pump… super easy (20 to 30 minute repair).

You will learn how to troubleshoot & repair all Major Appliances, where to find the part, diagram/schematic, step-by-step videos, manuals(if needed) and more… always up-to-date. NO difficult software to download. Once you access the membership (life-time membership) of Appliance Tech Pro it’s yours forever!

You going to learn how to Troubleshoot the Appliance Before You See it or Arrive at the Customers House…

All you need from the customer (use the form we provide in this course) is the brand or type of appliance, what the appliance is (ie washer, dryer, refrigerator), what is the problem (ie dryer is not heating, not starting), model # if possible… You don’t need the model number but it does make it a little easier…


Customer’s complaint; Kenmore Electric dryer that will not start…

Once you access the Appliance Tech Pro on your Cellphone, Ipad, Laptop or Computer

You can speak (or type) into your phone or iPad; Kenmore Electric Dryer will not Start…

You will get a couple of links that will appear on your device… click on the link(s)… And it will give you a couple options that will give you the solution to the problem with that appliance & in a lot of cases what part is needed & where to purchase the part online (if needed), of course you can purchase it locally & you repair it… it is that simple.

Appliance Tech Pro will show you how to access the video clips or pictures you need (if you need to know) on how to Disassemble the Appliance to get to the part and repair it & Reassemble as well… That’s it!

Another Example;

Customer Complaint;

LG Refrigerator is Not Cooling or Freezing

You can speak (voice activated) or type into your phone or Ipad; LG Refrigerator is Not Cooling or Freezing… and have the answer you need in a few seconds!

Second part of the Appliance Tech Pro will show you how to access the video clips or pictures you need (if you need to know) how to Disassemble the Appliance to get to the part and repair it & Reassemble as well… That’s it!

Appliance Tech Pro is always up-to-date with latest Appliances & the well as the oldest… You will have access to Manuals, Materials & Video Clips at your disposal

It will be like having a 20 to 40 year experience Appliance Expert in your pocket with all the manuals, materials, etc… it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Appliance Tech Pro… Takes all the Guess work out of Troubleshooting & Repairing Appliances… and once you access it… it is yours forever!!

This is a must have tool for anyone that would love to start their own appliance repair business or become a extremely competent Appliance Tech…

It especially helps guys that are NEW or have NO Experience and are nervous about their first service call… it’s Really that Simple!

Appliance Tech Pro… is the Answer to Troubleshooting Appliances… the Easy Way! Getting it Right the First Time!
I am going to save you $1000s of dollars and time wasted spending Days, Weeks and Months of taking appliance courses and still don’t know how to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair the appliance without making costly & multiple mistakes that is costing you time, money, frustration and possibly the creditability of you or your companies reputation.

Never Be Too Much Competition with this Small Business
Appliance Tech Pro (ATP) Makes Troubleshooting Refrigerators Easy…
Troubleshooting Refrigerators with Appliance Tech Pro is a breeze.  Appliance Tech Pro is the tool that makes all appliance troubleshooting and repair so much easier. Refrigerators is the one appliance that a lot of technician (new & experienced) have trouble getting it right… the first time.  NO problem with Appliance Tech Pro… We Make it Simple… Period!
No Difficult Software to Download… Save Time, Money, Stress & Frustration… I wish I had this 10 Years Ago…
Take the Guess Work Out of Troubleshooting & Repairing Appliances. Be the Professional Appliance Tech that we know you can be and want to be. Your Appliance Repair Business will stand out from the Competition…