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Get the "Hands on Training" from Our Appliance Training School that You have been Looking for... EVERYTHING in One Place

Real “Hands on Training” Appliance Repair Training School. We are proud to Present the Simplest, Easiest and most Affordable In-Person Training…

Cornerstone Appliance Training Real “Hands on Training” that will equip you with the confidence & necessary skills to troubleshoot and repair appliances or Start a Very Successful Appliance Repair Business from Day 1. 

Who is This for? What We Can Offer You

At Cornerstone Appliance Training,  we have developed a one-week & weekend training (for those that just specific appliance training) simple, easier method  training program training course that will equip you with the confidence and necessary skills to own and operate your own appliance repair business.  With a mix of classroom teaching, hands-on training, and certified testing, that will prepare you or your new employee to troubleshoot & repair today’s modern appliances with ease.

What's in the Cornerstone Appliance School "Hands on Training" Course?

Fundamentals of Appliance Repair

This is our foundation course, the place where most technicians, even those with experience, begin their journey towards mastering the appliance repair industry.
We give you all the essential, and core knowledge an aspiring Appliance Repair Technician needs to have in this powerful course, including the skills to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair major appliances to include those that are computer controlled.
Once you learn the Fundamentals of how to Repair, Troubleshoot & Diagnose Appliances… the Rest is Easy!

Novice, No Experience & Beginners

This part of the Course is for the Beginner or No Experience Technicians. We start you off with the Easiest Appliances first. This allows you to grasp the repair & troubleshooting skills much easier & faster.

We know there are a lot of myths out there, about it taking years to become a Competent Appliance Repair Technician… Absolutely Not True!

Washing Machine & Dryer Training

Start with the Easiest & Fastest way to Make Money & learn how to repair appliances with… Washers & Dryers. Washing Machines and Dryer Repair are the most common household appliances that you’ll encounter as an appliance repair technician.

By the end of our Washer & Dryers Training course you will have the skills necessary to easily repair & service Washing Machines & Dryers (modern & old school).
If Hands on Training is a concern… this is the answer that you have been looking for. This is (in my experience almost 12 years) the most common appliance repair that you will encounter as an Appliance Repair Technician and… it’s the easiest to learn in a very short time.

Stove/Oven Training

Learning oven and stove repair troubleshooting and repair is highly-profitable, specialized expertise area of appliance repair. Our training will give you the confidence you need to tackle any any oven and range problem. Gas, electric, microwaves,  induction etc. Get better training. FASTER. Save your time and your money. 

Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repair

Learning refrigerator troubleshooting and repair will place you in a highly-profitable, specialized expertise area of appliance repair that is second to none.
How refrigerators operate and the common problems which includes all makes and models. You want to learn everything you can about old and modern refrigerators that will make you the one of most sought after techs in your area.

Appliance Repair Schematics

In this course you will learn the basics of schematics as well as advanced schematics reading & testing.
Schematic Wiring – a line drawing that gives the electrical paths, layout of components, terminal identification, color codes of wiring,,,
After completing the course, you will be given a series of practice exercise to perfect your schematic reading and troubleshooting skills.

Business Management Course

Our Business Management training shows you how to successfully structure and run your appliance business.
From pricing your services, parts inventory and management advertising and marketing, appliance forms, scheduling service calls, how to make appointments, etc..

You’ll gain the knowledge to start and grow your appliance repair business from A to Z. View Business Management Course.

Successful Appliance Business

How to Operate a Profitable Appliance Repair Business… from the Start! Business Startup – Business License, Cards, Advertising, Customer Satisfaction, Make Appointments, Service Calls, How to Get Paid, Invoice, Price Chart, Cheap Business Insurance, etc…

We want to ensure Your Success, so we are offering a FREE Professionally Designed & Optimized Appliance Repair Business Website. That’s one less thing you have to pay for to get your business up & running.


What is Included in Our Appliance Training School is...

How Does it Work? How to Become a Professionally Trained, Certified & Competent Appliance Technician?

We offer a Certification Certificate (it is NOT mandatory) for all of our Appliance Training Modules & Memberships. We have Practice Test throughout our Courses & Memberships to get you better prepared to take the Final Exam… don’t worry we will teach you what you need to know.

We are always adding Additional Courses. For now the 8 Main Courses offer many in-depth Modules and Units and the material is continually updated to keep things current to changes in technology, as appropriate.

Refrigerator Repair Training Courses

Our Appliance Training Course(s) teaches you all the essential Basic & Advanced skills that technicians need to repair all makes and models of modern appliances. You will learn where most technicians have not been trained to do; troubleshoot & repair or got left behind in updating their appliance training. We enhance those skills in all of the major appliances like; Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges, Ovens, Microwaves with our Troubleshooting and Repair Videos and Course Material..

What are You Looking For? Already a Technician & Want to Earn More Money? Working for Someone or Another Company? Looking to Start Your Own Company? But, don’t Know How? NO Problem… it’s in the Course!

For the Experienced Technicians, All You  May Need is the Business Management Course(s) or Advanced Troubleshooting, ie Advertising, Marketing, Website, Appliance Forms, Appliance Repair Blue Book, etc… We Have What You Need and Will Provide any Assistance You Require Until Your Appliance Business is Up, Running and Successful… A Completely Done-for-You Appliance Business Startup Solution…

Appliance Repair Training and Certification

What Some of Our Students are Saying…

Since opening the doors of the Cornerstone Appliance Training. We are sharing just some of the great positive feedback from our students as well as business owners who have purchased our training course…

Live Technical Telephone Support… When You Need it

How Soon Can You Get An Answer When You call? You can contact us via Live Chat or give us a Call. If we don’t Answer when You call, during Normal Business Hours, we usually call back within minutes. We have often provided help while a job was in progress. Some of Our Students have called after Business Hours on a Friday evening and we provided assistance. We are here to help as much…

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Don’t Believe the Myths and Hype about this Awesome Business Anyone Can Do This. You can Start in 30 Days or Less & with What You Have… it’s Really that Simple!

No Better Feeling than Being able to Provide for You & Your Family - We Can Help You Achieve That!
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