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What Type of Guarantee Do You Offer for Your Training Course?

We are so Confident that if You Choose Our Course & Take Action!
  • Apply the Course Training
  • Follow the Course Guidelines
  • Complete the Training Modules
  • Take the Practice Exams
  • Down Load Course Materials
  • Practice until You Pass Final Exam

Cornerstone Guarantee & Refund Policy

Q. Do You have a Guarantee or Refund Policy?

A. Yes! Our training courses are structured to be simple and easy with the sole purpose of teaching our students the technical and common sense approach of learning appliance repair.

Our students are always raving about how we make it so simple that anyone could take our course and start repairing appliances in no time.  We offer courses for the “Beginner” that is a little apprehensive about appliance repair or still on the fence of whether they can actually become a competent and professional appliance technician. 

And for the “Experienced” Tech that has the desire to extend their knowledge or stay up-to-date with the new appliances that are being introduced to the market. As we state on our Fundamentals Appliance page, Never Stop Learning is the key to keeping your appliance business and training profitable, simple and easy.

We are so confident that you will find that our appliance training course(s) are worth a lot more than you paid for them. But to give you peace of mind about making this small investment in your future, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

You have 14 days to try out the course(s), and if you decide it is not right for you then we will refund money minus the processing fee. We only require that you have not downloaded or in any way copied the course materials.

Unfortunately, we had to add a processing fee because we have a few dishonest individuals that take the course only to download course material(s) and then cancel. Please DO NOT purchase our Appliance Training Course if you do not intend to apply the information inside.

Appliance Training Certificate

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