Appliance Repair Marketing | Unlimited Appliance Repair Leads Only One Small Fee


Appliance Repair Marketing – How to Get Unlimited Appliance Repair Leads for Only… One Time Small Fee.  If You are Tired of Paying for Overpriced Leads, Sharing Your Appliance Leads with Your Competitors, Paying Per Click, long high Monthly Contracts or Paying for clicks that have NOTHING to do with the appliance repair services that your offer…

“Your Guaranteed Appliance Repair Leads” 100% of ALL Appliance Leads go to You & ONLY You!! Use Appliance Repair Marketing Smartbook Course to Get the Amount of Leads You Want a Day; 1 – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 10… it’s Up to You

NO Contract, NO Paying Per Lead, NO Monthly Payment, NO Shared Leads, NO Paying for Clicks…

And that’s not all, with most of those companies. You pay for the phone ringing… whether you book the appoint or not!

Some you guys are paying $15, $22, $25 just to have your phone ring and they lock you into a long-term contract, and whether you make the appointment or repair the appliance.

You are stuck paying a ridiculously high “appliance leads” phone bill month-after-month-after-month with nothing to show for it. While the “Leads” Companies fatten their wallets and telling you about the “numbers” of hits and customers that they sent to your website or company phone.

Enough’s enough.