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Attention Appliance Repair Business Owner... Are You Struggling to Find Customers? Pay One (1) Time Small Payment & Get All The Leads/New Customers You Can Handle... FREE!!

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If you would like to get more appliance repair customers, then this is probably the most important message you ever read.

For almost all the new guys in appliance repair business – including you, the hardest part of doing this business probably is about getting new customers, right?

In fact, when I started my own appliance repair business more than 10 years ago, I used to be a lot like you.

As an appliance repair business owner, I want to spend more time in providing the best service for my customers, instead of wasting time to find new customers.

However, what I did back in that day, was spending most of my time to finding the new ones.  I keep looking for new customers from day to day because, I know, I need new clients to make my business survive.

Ironically, I didn’t realize when I was trying to get new customers, I lost my old customers because I didn’t have time to follow them up.

I bet this also happened to you, right?


What about the established Appliance Repair Businesses? How can they get a lot of new customers, without losing their old customers?

That's Easy.

It’s because they know how to market their service.

Remember, most of them are doing this business for more than five years. It’s their experience in capturing new leads and converting them into customers that help them get new customers easily.

Of course, maybe within four or five years from now, you’ll also find out how to market your service with less time and effort.

But listen, you can’t wait that long to be a successful appliance repair business owner, right?

Guranteed Appliance Repair Leads
Appliance Repair Leads - Your Appliance Leads Only
Appliance Repair Leads | Appliance Leads

Do you want me to show you how to get a flood of new customers as fast as three (3) days from now?

You do? Good.

But, before you read further, let me clarify you one thing:

It’s not about buying Appliance Leads.

Let’s be honest. Almost all the appliance repair leads which are being sold out there is worthless, or worse, have been sold over and over again.

In fact, if you ever tried to buy Appliance Leads, I bet you’ve already known... it’s a SCAM!

This happens to a lot of new guys in this industry, which is why I never recommend you to try it.

You may see they offer you a dozen of appliance repair leads. But, once again, these leads are worthless. You won’t get even a single customer from this leads.

Just think about this:

They sell the same leads to a lot of appliance repair business owner. It means you have to compete with a lot of other people who offer the same service like you. It’ll still be a hard thing to do.

Heck, you don’t even know if they are selling real appliance repair leads. I mean, who knows if they are just scraping random data from all over the internet.

And not just that!

Although you have their contacts, the leads also don’t know who you are. Just ask yourself, “Will you do business with complete strangers who clearly have no idea who you are, but somehow, they know your contact?”

Of course, not.

So think again before you buy leads from these companies. Don’t allow your appliance company to get scammed because of you don't know how to find new customers.

Appliance Leads Pro...

You’ll be busy spending more time providing the best service for your customers and less time trying to find new customers and... growing your business!

Local Appliance Repair Leads for Free

Here’s just Some of Results you can expect when you use Appliance Leads Pro:

  • High Paying Customers in 30 Days or Less
  • NO More Worthless Leads that are Shared by Everyone... All Leads are Exclusively Yours!!
  • Repeat Customers that will give you referrals over & over
  • What App to join that will allow you to DOMINATE entire local areas
  • FREE Warranty Company Account - that has several accounts in your area. You will make $1000s overtime from just this one account and they... Pay On Time!!
  • Become the Go-to-Appliance Guy for ALL of their Residential Appliances
  • Center of Influence (COI) that will give you customers which will make you $1000s over time & ALL of their referrals… day, week, month, year etc…
  • 3 Must Have Apps that will save you gas, money, time and process Credit & Debit Cards for your Appliance Repair Business and so much more...

Listen: A lot of people in this business were struggling to get new customers in their first few years.  But you, if you purchase the ALP Course, you don’t need to struggle in your first year – We got you covered.

After you apply Appliance Leads Pro(ALP) to Your Business, you’ll start to hear your phone ringing with quality customers within 3 to 5 days. Guaranteed! And remember, unlike buying worthless appliance repair leads, ALP will give you the real customers who’ll pay you for repair & service on their appliances – for real.

Appliance Leads Pro is probably one of the best investment for any appliance company that just started in Appliance Repair business because...

Not only will it be easier for you to get your very first customers if you are just getting started, but also you can keep getting new customers without losing the old ones.

All these Benefits are Just a Few Clicks Away!

If you have any questions before choosing one of our above packages, please feel free to contact us...

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