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Appliance Repair Marketing

Attention Appliance Repair Business Owner... Are You Struggling to Find Customers? Tired of Paying for Over Priced Leads?  Paying $10, $15, $25 a Lead or more?!

Before We Start Getting New Customers... and We Will Show You How.  We Need to Make Sure You Can Make that Appointment When they Call Your Phone...

It doesn't matter how many customers you get to visit your website (Free or Paid).  Your website is the FIRST Impression a NEW customer will have of You and Your Company... let's make it an Outstanding First Impression!!!

What good are visitors to your website if they don't call your company phone... right?!

Everyone wants to Sell You Leads, but No One is taking the time to make sure that they will turn into paying customers.

Appliance Repair Leads - Your Appliance Leads Only

Here’s how you can get your phone ringing off the hook with quality customers almost immediately... even if you just started your business.

Let's Start from the Beginning;

Grow Your Business the right way by creating a better website and... STOP Paying for Worthless Leads!!

  • Is Your Website Designed to Get You Leads or High Paying Customers
  • Is Your Website Easy to Understand
  • Is Your Website Optimized for the Top 3 Search Engines like; Google, Yahoo & Bing?
  • Do You have the Top 10 Keywords for Your Area? If not, you are already losing to your competitors.

Our Websites are Very Affordable, Professionally Designed & Optimized for Your Area, 20+ Pages, Easy to Understand, etc...

We Optimize Your Appliance Repair Business Website for the Top 20 Keywords for Your Area to Crush Your Competition...

We Offer 6 Months FREE Hosting, NO Contract, Free Installation & Setup and Free Maintenance.  If you decide to stay with us after your 6 months Free Trial we will provide maintenance & hosting for a very small fee (or you can take your website with you it totally up to you).

No One has money to waste. We want to make sure that YOU are getting the most out of YOUR online presence (and budget) with a Professionally-Designed Website created to make YOU Successful from the Start!

Website Design - 3 Easy Options for Any Budget

Website Rental - Why Rent a Website?

As a small business, we understand that it can be difficult to allocate funds for a website.

That is why we have incorporated the rent-a-website concept; it allows you to “rent to own” your website without having to pay a lump sum up front.

We have created custom design websites for Appliance Repair Industry, the hosting and monthly updates are all part of the package in this easy NO Contract, Month-to-Month rental plan.

We offer everything you need to get online such as Webdesign, SEO Optimization, Hosting, Support and more depending on what you need.

Put simply, we are a one stop shop to getting you online, and all our websites do what they should -

  • They are indexed on all the major search engines (usually in 2 weeks or less),
  • They are optimised to be found based on your area & the top 10 keyword for Appliance Repair & Service
  • We will provide FREE Hosting, Installation, Setup & Maintenance just to keep things fresh!
  • Why go to the hassle of dealing with webdesigners, hosting companies & logo designers when we can deal with it all with just one low monthly payment.

What's Included in the Appliance Repair Leads Pro Course? Free Advertising That Works... Access to New (Free) Appliance Repair Account with Multiple Locations in Your Area to Start You Off on the Right Foot or Add to Your Current Customers...

How to Raise Your Appointment Rate to 70% to 85% or more...

Appliance Repair Leads | Appliance Leads

In the Appliance Leads Pro Course You Will Also Learn:

  • How to Get more High Quality & High Paying Customers in 30 Days or Less
  • How to Make An Appointment the Right Way
  • 3 Words to Use in Your FREE Advertising that... will Have Your Phone Ringing Off the Hook!!
  • How to Get 75% to 90% of Your First Time Callers to Make an Appointment
  • How to Get Customers to Leave You a Positive Referral (Worth it's weight in Gold in Googles Local Places... You Want this!)
  • Repeat Customers that will give you referrals over & over
  • What App to join that will allow you to DOMINATE entire local areas
  • FREE Warranty Company Account - that has several accounts in your area. You will make $1000s overtime from just this one account and they... Pay On Time!!
  • Become the Go-to-Appliance Guy for ALL of their Residential Appliances
  • Center of Influence (COI) that will give you customers which will make you $1000s over time & ALL of their referrals… day, week, month, year etc…
  • 3 Must Have Apps that will save you gas, money, time and process Credit & Debit Cards for your Appliance Repair Business and so much more...

All these Benefits are Just a Few Clicks Away!

If you have any questions before choosing one of our above packages, please feel free to contact us...

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