Appliance Repair Training for Beginners – How to Become an Appliance Technician

What is the Best Appliance Training Schools

Appliance Repair Training for Beginners, No Experience Technicians

Start with the Easiest Appliance First…
  • Start with Simple Appliances
  • Troubleshoot and Diagnose Appliances
  • Basic Appliance Repair
  • How to Diagnose Appliances the Right Way
  • Learn to Repair Appliances in 15 to 20 Minutes
  • Appliance Tech Pro – Makes it Super Easy… Your Troubleshooting Solution

Appliance Repair Training the Easy Way

This is the part of the course that is geared towards the beginners, no experience or newbies to the Appliance Repair Industry. We want you to get a firm grasp of Appliance Repair and then you will feel comfortable with the rest of Appliance Repair & Troubleshooting.

Start Your Appliance Training… Today!

We will take you by the hand until you are satisfied and confident with troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing appliances! We are here when you need us… it’s that simple!

Start An Appliance Repair Business as a Beginner


You may have thought about Starting an Appliance Repair Business. Think about the following questions:


Be Your Own Boss – Are you the person that would like to work for yourself

Flexible Schedule – Do you enjoy having control of you time
Unlimited Income – Make as much money as you want
Works Anywhere – Choose Where you live, Where You Work, When You Take Vacation
Provide for You & Your Family, Have Fun. Make $$$. Love Your Work. Earn What You are Worth
Guaranteed Employment – No More Layoffs or Fear of Unemployment, Highs & Lows of the Economy


Cornerstone Appliance Training will Teach You to;


The ability to troubleshoot quickly and effectively?

The skills and knowledge to make the repairs in 15 to 20 minutes?

Which Appliances to avoid until you gain more experience.

What appliances are not worth repairing and why?

How to Make an Appointment?

Customer Satisfaction – How to Get Referrals & Repeat Business

Start with the Basic Tools – Only a Few Tools are Needed to Start Making $$$


Start with the Easiest Appliances First


How to Determine what’s wrong with the appliance BEFORE you arrive to the customers house
(with 90 to 95% certainty) and so much more…


You should earn the cost of the course in a week or less. If not, please give us a call you are doing something wrong.


A reputation as an honest, dependable, and skilled appliance repair tech will generate referrals and repeat business. More Customers = More $$$

Anyone Can Do This! We show You how to start even though you have Never Repaired Appliances Before… Just follow the Course and You will Have No Problem…

Don’t fall for the Myth that You can take a 3 week Course and Learn Residential Appliance Repair. I know you are Smarter than that… and You Don’t Have to Pay $1000s to Learn!
You can do this Part Time, Full Time or Save Thousands $$$ by Learning to Repair Your Own Home Appliances… the Sky is the Limit with This Course!!

No Better Feeling than Being able to Provide for You & Your Family – We Can Help You Achieve That!

Be Blessed & Be Encouraged!