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Are You Ready for More Appliance Customers? NO Need to Pay for Expensive Appliance Leads or Any Leads Whatsoever!

Cornerstone specializes in cost-effective methods to increase your online presence and build a steady stream of new customers. Our Appliance Repair Marketing Solutions (ARMS) program consists of a well-optimized responsive website (Free Website if needed), placement on multiple directory listings, management of social media and online reputation, and smart, lean PPC campaigns.


Appliance Repair Leads Marketing 15 Dollars a Day

How Does it Work?! How Much Does it Cost?! NO Obligation with Complete Setup & 14 Day Trial Unlimited Appliance Leads

With our ARMS program, we do EVERYTHING for you.  Includes: Complete Advertising Setup, 14 Day Trial. Small Daily Budget (starting at $15). YOU don’t Pay Per Appliance Lead… ANYMORE! It doesn’t matter HOW MANY New Customers (Leads) you get a day… You Pay the Same Small Daily Budget that YOU Set… Period!

Appliance Repair Leads - 10 Free Appliance Leads a Week

Exclusive Leads for Your Appliance Company

100% Exclusive Appliance Leads for You & ONLY You (your company)! NO More sharing with your competitors. NO More paying for Appliance Leads because you offer those services, but someone else gets the new customer.

Appliance Repair Leads Best Prices

Don't Let This Happen to Your Company!

Give Us a Call, We will ask a few questions about how to best get the most Affordable New Customers for your Appliance Business for your coverage area.

We do ALL the work for you. A Small One Time Setup (FREE for Students) and Start Receiving NEW Customers for ONLY $15 a Day

Free Website – Professionally Designed & Optimized (15 -20 Pages) (optional if needed), NO need to Spend $1000s of Dollars for a Website. And NO More Sharing Appliance Leads with Your Competitors! Give us a Call… Today!

Lead Generation Appliance Leads Very Affordable Cheap High Quaility

How Much Does it Cost?!

YOU set the Budget. We recommend Starting with $15 a Day (NO Hidden Fees). We recommend a budget based on how many calls or NEW customers you want a day.

Let’s Be Honest. Some of You Guys may need to start with a $25 a Day Budget based on your coverage area . However, Your FIRST Service Call will cover that and more.

Lead Generation Very Affordable Leads


Appliance Repair Marketing Solutions (ARMS) was created with a purpose; to help Appliance Business owners that struggle with advertising, digital marketing, gaining new customers (Appliance Repair Leads), over paying for leads, etc.

Our team has years of experience with Social Media, SEO experts,  & Appliance Marketing to drive significant success to your business. We have been able to help many local clients achieve business success with their digital marketing.

Small Daily Budget (You Can Raise it or Lower it as You See Fit). You will Have NEW Customers in 24 to 72 Hours.

NO Contracts, NO Setup Fees, NO Hidden Fees, etc…

Tired of Paying Expensive Lead Generation Companies that Charge Per Appliance Lead ($15, $25, $40 or more). Giving the Leads Companies MOST of YOUR Profit Month after Month.



We truly enjoy internet marketing and we love helping our local Appliance Repair Companies achieve the success that they desire.  We have invested many years learning how to run and grow a successful Marketing Solution for those that need help with Digital Marketing. 

We were once a local Appliance Repair Business (Company).   We know what it takes to grown a SUCCESSFUL Appliance Repair Company. So, local Appliance Companies are near and dear to us.  WE EAT, SLEEP AND BREATH THIS STUFF!

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