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Appliance Repair Blue Book - Job Rate Guide - Our Appliance Blue Book makes pricing Major Appliance Repair & Service Jobs Simple & Easy! Our Appliance Blue Book will show you how to AVOID the #1 Complaint among Customers & receive valuable referrals.


Appliance Blue Book Job Rate Guide
Appliance Blue Book Pricing and More...

Our Appliance Repair Blue Book - Job Rate Guide makes pricing Major Appliance Repair & Service Jobs Simple & Easy! This Appliance Blue Book will help Appliance Service Companies & Technicians how to determine a legitimate price for a repair or service. When trying to decide a fair but profitable “Job Rates” often called “Flat Rates”.

We have made it so simple that anyone can do it. Our simple to use ebook provide appliance forms, invoices, videos & what to charge including parts, time & labor, equipment, predictable and unpredictable circumstances surrounding specific jobs, inventory management, etc...

You will learn; How to Make a $100 to $200 Pure Profit - After Parts & Labor, How to Conduct Your First Service Call - Exact Blue Print, etc...

BONUS #1 - Know How to Troubleshoot & Repair BEFORE You See the Appliance

BONUS #2 - Initial Parts & Tools Needed to Start an Appliance Repair Business

BONUS #3 - Earn an Extra $1000 to $1500 on the Side and more...

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Here's little peek of some of what you get in the Appliance Repair Blue Book - Job Rate Guide and the Bonuses and...


How to Troubleshoot & Repair Any Appliance in 3 Easy Steps... Appliance Tech Pro
How will our Blue Book Help You or Your Company?
Appliance Blue Book - Job Rate & Pricing

Our Appliance Blue Book will help you in so many ways;

  • Appliance Forms & Invoices (Done for You)
  • Know the Average Time an Appliance Repair or Service Should Take
  • Learn How to Troubleshoot an Appliance BEFORE You See it!
  • What Appliances Make the Most $$$ in Least Amount of Time
  • Know Which Appliances You Should Schedule First
  • Learn What Appliances You Should Avoid (especially if you are new)
  • Exact Phone Blue Print to Make an Appointment
  • Follow Schedule Sheet & Get Rid of First Call Jitters
  • Flat Rate Pricing vs Hourly Rates... Which one Should You Use?
  • 3 Words to Use that will Have Your Phone Ringing of the Hook!
  • How to Provide Customer Satisfaction & Referrals
  • Where to Find Parts & Tools at a Discount Rate
  • Have the Part You Need to Repair the Appliance BEFORE You See it
Customers #1 Complaint - Being Overcharged for
Appliance Repairs & Services... Hourly Rates!
How Much is Appliance Repair for
Learn How to Quote a Fair & Profitable Price for Your Services! Customers will get their Appliances Repaired... You Want to be the Go-to-Appliance Repair Guy!
Testimonials - Already Making an Awesome Profit!.
We just released this Appliance Repair Blue Book Guide and... One of our students has already made an AWESOME PROFIT... in Just One Day! Because we offer some of this training in our Appliance Training Course, he ask should he buy the Blue Book Guide. Here is his testimonial...


Purchased and Used it Today!

Thank you Chris for your honesty, I really appreciate it, I have purchased it and have used it today on two service calls I made over $330.00 just today $$$ the blue book has very detail information to continue growing my business  . Thank you and have a bless night.

Omar D., Los Angeles, CA